School starts, parents should pay attention to these five infectious diseases.

In a twinkling of an eye, spring is approaching and the children have been in school for a week.

Should be happy time, but it happened that these abominable infectious diseases also began to stir, the baby’s resistance is poor, it is easy to fall into their [clutches]. Therefore, as parents, we must learn to judge. Below, Dr. Clove will introduce to you five infectious diseases that babies are easy to get in this season.

1. Children’s cough is not good, perhaps-influenza?

Ahem, ahem, ahem…

The baby coughed again, did he choke? I’ve got a cold? Or allergy? Touch the little head is still a little hot, after half a day began to runny nose, the whole baby is not good.

Maybe the baby has caught influenza. Influenza is no stranger to everyone, which is often referred to as influenza. Be careful these days and take your baby less to places with a large number of people.

Because it can be spread by small droplets when talking, if the baby has poor resistance, it is easy to be infected. If the situation is serious, parents must take the baby to see a doctor in time.

2. Like possessed by a spotted dog-measles

Babies with measles will begin to cough and fever like colds, and from the fourth day onwards, small red rashes will appear from behind their ears, with hard ones protruding. In another 2-3 days, these rashes will spread to the whole body.

There is no specific medicine for measles. The most effective way to prevent measles in how is to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate!

3. What is dotted all over the body-chickenpox

Bao’s parents should have had chickenpox. I remember when I was in primary school, I didn’t know who started chickenpox first. In a few days, almost the whole class and even less than half of the children in the school grew up.

Chickenpox is also the appearance of a cold cough at the beginning, and then the body has a small rash one by one. The rash slowly expands and becomes blisters. The most uncomfortable thing is that itch, which itch, still can’t scratch, not only afraid of infection, but also easy to leave scars.

If the baby has accidentally got chickenpox, it will be fine in about ten days. What parents can do is to make the baby feel better as far as possible under the doctor’s advice.

4. I didn’t get fat, I just got-mumps

If you get mumps, not only will your face plummet, but it will also be difficult to eat.

At the beginning, parents can notice that the baby refuses to eat and has a fever, just like a cold. Once you notice that the baby’s cheeks are bulging, his face becomes swollen and painful, you should go to the hospital immediately to confirm.

In addition to early vaccination to prevent, there is no effective way to deal with mumps in what. If the situation is not serious, listen to the doctor and let the baby have a good rest at home and drink more water.

5. Kindergarten teachers have the biggest headache-hand, foot and mouth disease

Babies under the age of five are most likely to suffer from hand-foot-mouth disease, especially when they go to kindergarten, they must pay attention to it.

If the baby not only has a fever, but also has a red rash around the small palms and soles of the feet, herpes and ulcers in the mouth, it is likely to be hand-foot-mouth disease. Parents should take the baby to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If the situation is not serious, the baby will be fine in about ten days. At this time, the baby should stay at home and rest. If you are afraid that your baby’s oral ulcer is too uncomfortable, your parents can give him something cold and soft to eat.

What are the ways to keep your baby away from infectious diseases?

  1. Vaccinate your baby. This is the most important way to prevent infectious diseases.

  2. Open windows for ventilation to keep indoor air fresh.

  3. Let the baby wash his hands with soap often.

  4. Reasonable arrangement of the baby’s work and rest and diet, appropriate exercise, enhance immunity.

  5. Don’t take your baby to crowded places or contact patients.

Of course, Baoma Baoma themselves cannot easily get sick. Only when you are healthy can the baby grow better.