People with big heads are smarter? Ten Words About the Brain

People always have infinite curiosity about mysterious brains.

You may have heard a lot about brain, intelligence and intelligence. What are the true ones?

Bigger brains are smarter?

In the early morning of April 18, 1955, the famous physicist Einstein died. His brain was treasured by Princeton Hospital for research within a few hours.

After measurement, Einstein’s brain weighed 1.23 kg, but it was slightly lower than the average for men.

The size of the brain is not necessarily related to one’s intelligence.

In contrast, the spread-out area of the sulcus gyrus of the brain and the connection between nerve cells in the brain may be more important.

Left and right brain functions are different?

The left hemisphere of the brain is [logical brain] and the right hemisphere is [emotional brain]. Through training, they will get exercise…

You may take this statement seriously? This is more like a commercial trap.

In fact, the left and right brains are closely linked and work together.

In recent years, scientists have paid less and less attention to the functional differences between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Left-handed people are smarter?

Left-handed people are not necessarily smarter.

The number of natural left-handed and natural right-handed is actually about the same, with a little more right-handed.

However, in many cultures, left-handed people often have to exercise their right hands due to their livelihood. Do you understand the pain of using the left hand in the opposite direction, such as mouse, doorknob, knob?

If [both hands are exquisite] is also a kind of [cleverness], this statement is true.

More women are crazy?

In the best-selling series “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”, the gender differences between men and women are dramatized.

In terms of cognition, based on [gender differences in the cerebral hemisphere], the author believes that men and women certainly have differences in spatial imagination, so men drive well and women love to get lost.

Fortunately, in recent years, the theory of [intra-gender differences] has received increasing attention, that is to say:

    There is not much difference between men and women in specific abilities. In a group of people who are also men or women, there is a big difference between high and low.

Men are better at math than women?

This is actually only one of many gender stereotypes:

Boys should wear blue trousers and girls should wear pink skirts.

Boys should play with cars and girls should play with dolls.

Boys love mathematics, girls love endorsement…


No matter men or women, as long as they choose what they like, they may achieve good results.

People with high IQ have low EQ?

In movies and TV plays, there are often Sherlock Holmes, Sheldon and other characters with ultra-high IQ and worrying EQ. So, do people with high IQ have very low EQ?

Please… The so-called “EQ” refers to people’s ability to feel, judge, express and control emotions. Usually, people with high IQ have high EQ.

But… don’t [but], there are not so many freak geniuses in movies and TV works in real life. Recall carefully, it is clear that people smarter than you are also better at dealing with people than you.

[Eating what] Can it nourish the brain?

Eat walnuts to supplement the brain and form? Nonsense.

Eat fish to nourish the brain, DHA is brain gold? DHA is what the brain needs, but it is not good to eat more.

If the nutrition is not enough, it is really necessary to eat specific food to realize [nourishing the brain]; However, too much is not enough. If you eat too nutritious (I mean the kind that makes you fat when you eat), you may make your brain stupid!

The most brain-nourishing thing is a nutritionally balanced meal, not [some] food.

Intelligence is destined, three years old to see 80?

If it is aimed at [extremely talented] and [mentally retarded], this is true.

Intelligence mainly depends on heredity (touching the head), but the day after tomorrow’s efforts can also make mediocre people make continuous progress in a good direction.

In addition, the concept of [intelligence] is also closely related to cultural background.

A smart Chinese who goes to the United States may temporarily become a fool due to differences in language and common sense. After being nurtured by local education and culture, he may become a smart person again.

Always don’t think, the brain will [rust]?

After taking a vacation, I felt that my study and work could not keep up with the progress? Is it because the vacation is useless and the brain rusts?

In fact, even if people fall asleep and feel that they are not dreaming, their brains are also busy with their work.

I feel that I am not giving force, probably just because I have been doing things for a long time before, and this [program] in my brain has gradually stabilized. Once I relax and don’t use it often, I will become unfamiliar and the program that was very smooth before will be disturbed.

For example, if you don’t do a job that you are very skilled in for a long time, it will be inefficient to do it again. But in fact, as long as you practice it repeatedly, the brain will quickly find the feeling again.

Three years of pregnancy?

It may be true that the brain shrinks during pregnancy, but this will not make pregnant women silly.

A 2016 study found that women’s cerebral cortex will shrink after pregnancy, and this change may be related to the generation and maintenance of [maternity], and this change will last for about three years. [maternity] allows mothers to change their priorities spontaneously, with the happiness and health of their babies as the first priority.

More often than not, the slow response of new mothers in life is due to irregular work and rest, poor sleep quality and too hard work with children.

This is not foolishness, this is love.