Scientifically maintain the vagina and be careful of these [vaginal shrinkage] products.

Editor’s Note: Some readers are consulting the market for selling Yin-reducing products, such as Yin-reducing gel, Yin-reducing lotion, Yin-reducing suppository, etc. Are these things really useful? How to scientifically maintain vagina?

I have been working in North America for more than 10 years in biotech drug research and development and women’s health. I have rarely heard of such negative shrinkage, and I have never seen any negative shrinkage products that have been proved effective in clinical trials. But in China, there are so many such products.

Out of great curiosity, I searched for [shrinking yin] on the internet. I really don’t know if I look at it. I got a fright when I looked at it. Most of the relevant search results of a certain degree are soft articles and advertisements of various [shrinking yin] products, such as [an important reason behind the small three incident is that women’s vagina relaxes after marriage] [restoring girls’ tight and narrow vagina, tighter, narrower and wetter]…

I don’t know how many naive and discerning young female friends have been taken in and bought. Not to mention being cheated of money, health damage is the big problem.

Talking about vaginal maintenance, we must first understand her.

The vagina includes vaginal tissue and vaginal lumen. Vaginal tissue includes vaginal mucosal folds (vaginal epithelial cells), vaginal smooth muscle layer and vaginal connective tissue. The contraction of vaginal smooth muscle is different from that of skeletal muscle and is not controlled by human will.

In the natural absence of sexual stimulation, the vagina is more like a flat balloon with deflated gas. The tube walls around the vagina may be clutched together. The lumen is not obvious and there is not a [tube] with an obvious [hole].

Vaginal smooth muscle has strong relaxation and contraction ability. When stimulated, such as sexual excitement, sexual intercourse, childbirth, etc., the vagina will expand. Whether a finger, a fist, a penis or a passing child is put in, it will change accordingly. After the stimulation disappears, the vagina will return to its natural state.

Why do you say [Yin Shrinkage] products are unreliable?

The vaginal relaxation felt by young women or their partners after delivery is not due to the widening of the vaginal tube, so there is no need for any so-called [vaginal contraction] products to [restore the narrow vagina of young girls].

The real reason is that the vaginal sphincter, the surrounding bulbocavernous muscle, some levator anus muscle, especially the pubic coccygeal muscle (PC muscle), etc. may be torn and strained during delivery, thus affecting the vaginal contractility.

Since the vaginal tube has not widened at all, are these [vaginal shrinkage] products to shrink what?

Scientific maintenance of vagina

According to the individual and age differences of women, the time required for postpartum recovery is different:

    Young women who give birth naturally, Especially women of childbearing age who have only one child, Usually after 3 weeks to 3 months, The vagina will return to its original state. If it is multiple births or the fetus is too large to accompany the birth injury, It may take longer to recover or cannot be restored to its original state. If the parturient is older, such as over 40 years old, although she is just beginning to age, the estrogen level in her body may have decreased, which may have led to the thinning of the vaginal wall, the weakening of vaginal muscle strength, the reduction of contractile ability and the inability to return to its original state.

Giving birth to a child leads to muscle strain around the vagina and affects vaginal contraction. This problem can be improved through PC muscle exercise.

Lasting PC muscle training can greatly improve the vaginal contraction recovery ability. If pregnant women start practicing PC muscle training before the child is born, such as Kegel exercise and squat, the problem of vaginal contraction weakness may be avoided to the greatest extent.

Risks of [Shrinkage] Products

Many so-called vaginal shrinkage products will publicize themselves as plant essence extracts, natural ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, ancient formulas, etc. However, in fact, some of these products may not have any effective ingredients at all, and their quality is not guaranteed. After women use them, they may cause vaginal infection.

Some products may also be added with estrogen, Women’s vagina and other reproductive systems are very sensitive to estrogen-like components. For young and healthy women, if there are no problems such as low estrogen level, long-term use of such drugs may lead to vaginal wall hyperplasia, irregular menstruation, obesity and other problems, and even serious diseases such as vaginal tumors, ovarian tumors, hysteromyoma, breast tumors and the like.

Love yourself, love in a proper way. Female friends, please be careful, learn to identify products and advertisements with scientific knowledge, and maintain yourself in the right way.