Seven Common Misunderstandings of Arthritis

People often regard arthritis as a senile disease. In fact, people of all ages, even children, are likely to suffer from this disease. Relevant data show that the total incidence rate of arthritis in our country is about 13%. Early prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment are required for this disease. Dr. Clove compiled 7 common misunderstandings about osteoarthritis for everyone:

Myth 1: Arthritis is a geriatric disease

Fact: Everyone can get arthritis

Myth 2: Arthritis is caused by cold and humid climate.

Fact: Climate itself is neither a cause nor a cure.

Myth 3: There is a cure for arthritis

Fact: There is no complete cure for arthritis

Myth 4: Arthritis is caused by improper diet.

Fact: There is no evidence that specific foods cause arthritis.

Myth 5: Arthritis can only cause minor pain and discomfort.

Fact: The pain of arthritis persists and causes great troubles to patients, as well as many other health problems.

Myth 6: Arthritis patients do not suffer from capricious conditions,

Fact: Arthritis Disease Shows Fluctuation,

Myth 7: With arthritis, what depends on others for everything.

Fact: Arthritis patients can also take care of themselves,

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