Seven Principles for Choosing Clothes for Newborn Babies

Choosing a lovely and light dress for the newborn baby is a happy time for expectant mothers, and it is also a preparation that expectant mothers must make before the baby is born. But how to choose when facing various fabrics and styles of baby clothes?

Don’t buy too much

Baby’s growth at the beginning of life is extremely rapid. Therefore, the newborn type of clothes, babies can only wear a very short period of time. Even, some babies are relatively big, it is difficult to wear such small clothes. If you have already bought it, it is recommended not to unpack the outer package of the clothes, which is convenient to return and replace.

Easy to wear and take off

The baby’s body is relatively soft, But for TA, which can only wear and take off clothes passively, This is a big problem. Especially all kinds of clothes with interesting appearance, You joyfully crammed the child in, In the end, If you want to take these clothes off your baby, Very difficult, very unhappy. So when buying, be sure to pay attention to whether there are enough buttons or zippers at the bottom or front of the clothes. If the clothes are pullovers, be sure to pay attention to whether the clothes at the neck are soft or elastic, so that you don’t need to yank the clothes to damage the baby’s head and face in order to take off the clothes.

Easy to clean

In order to ensure hygiene, the baby’s clothes are more suitable for hand washing alone, so cleaning it requires parents to spend more attention. Then, buy some clothes that are easy to wash by hand.

Comfort first

All the protruding zippers or buttons on the clothes may become the source of damage to the baby’s skin. When choosing clothes, be sure to pay attention to the clothes with an isolation layer between the baby’s skin and the zippers. At the same time, make sure that the edges of these zippers or elastic fasteners on the clothes are round and blunt to ensure that they will not damage the baby’s skin.

Wear one more

Under normal circumstances, babies often need to wear one more dress than adults. As for whether the baby’s clothes are warm or not, you can touch the temperature of the baby’s small hands and feet to judge. Pay attention to the choice of light and warm clothes, thick clothes often make the baby feel uncomfortable.

Soft shoes and socks

Baby socks are regarded as necessities, Especially for babies born in winter. Just like choosing clothes, The choice of socks may also make mothers make mistakes, Choose soft, warm socks. Babies’ socks often slip off, So more socks should be prepared. Newborn babies and toddlers do not need to wear shoes. Some parents choose to give their babies only socks or very soft foot covers. Once they need to buy shoes for their babies, the shoes must be very soft and the opening to the feet must be large, so it will be easier to wear shoes for their babies. Of course, it is also important to remember that babies will chew shoes, so the material of shoes must be safe.

Prepenetrating examination

Although infant clothing has strict safety standards, buttons, zippers, etc. may still have some potential dangers. Before wearing, check whether there are any decorations on the clothes that are easy to hook up with the surrounding objects. Check whether the elastic fasteners and zippers of the baby’s clothes are easy to fall off and whether the accessories on the clothes are easy to loosen so as not to be swallowed by the baby by mistake.

Compiled by Jing Liu

Responsible Editor: Wang Yucheng

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