Seven Ways to Teach You to Decompress and Decompress

If you often feel anxious, It seems that the next second is about to collapse, Try the following seven ways to help you decompress. In the prevention and treatment of hypertension, Adjusting psychological pressure is one way, 1. Ensure adequate sleep, lack of sleep or low quality sleep is very important to your mood, Reaction, activity and physical health can all have negative effects. 2. Learn some relaxation methods meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagination, deep breathing exercises and yoga are all good ways to combat stress. 3. Enhance social interaction by attending interest classes, joining a club or mutual aid group. Make new friends, Enrich your daily life. 4. Improve your time management ability. The more efficient you can handle work and family affairs, The lower the stress level is. 5. Try your best to solve the high pressure situation and don’t let the existing pressure aggravate further. Try to solve the problems in the family together with other family members. Don’t be too competitive in your work. Learn to refuse tasks that put too much pressure on yourself. 6. Edify yourself and reward yourself for a massage. Enjoy the details of life with all your heart: chew slowly while eating, enjoy the taste and mouthfeel of each bite of food, and let taste buds distinguish the subtle differences between each taste; Can find a park for a walk, walk the dog, watch the sunset; Listen to your favorite music and find a quiet corner to read. 7. Seek help from others. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner, friends and neighbors for help. If stress and anxiety persist, You have to go to the hospital to see a psychologist as soon as possible. Let him provide you with professional help. Healthy psychology plus healthy weight, quitting smoking, regular exercise, diet containing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat protein and healthy fat, not only is beneficial to physical and mental health, but also can effectively control blood pressure. Responsible editor: Hugh This manuscript is the exclusive manuscript of Dr. Clove and refuses any other form of reprinting.