Shocking pediatric poison

According to statistics, there are hundreds of Chinese patent medicines containing cinnabar and realgar in the domestic drug market. Science has proved that cinnabar and realgar are toxic to human body, but their legendary curative effects have not yet been confirmed by science. Instead of calling them [medicinal materials], they are rather [poisons]. What is most shocking is that these [poisons] containing cinnabar and realgar are not only taken in large quantities by adults, but also widely used as pediatric drugs on children who have no choice.

The following are some research materials on cinnabar, realgar and related proprietary Chinese medicines:


Also known as cinnabar, cinnabar, It is a natural ore of mercury sulfide. Cinnabar is a very important traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for so-called “tranquilizing and calming”. < < Shennong Materia Medica > >: It tastes sweet and slightly cold. Non-toxic. It governs all diseases of the five zang-organs, Nourish the spirit, Ann the soul, Supplementing qi, improving eyesight, Spermicide evil ghost. < < Compendium of Materia Medica > >: Nourishing heart qi, nourishing heart blood, nourishing kidney, nourishing spleen, preventing miscarriage, Can detoxify, Can sweat, With the help of the envoy and see the work, There is no way to go. Open any Chinese medicine book, there are a large number of absurd prescriptions containing cinnabar. Until today, in < < Chinese Pharmacopoeia > > and < < Ministry of Health ministerial standards > >, there are as many as hundreds of prescription preparations containing cinnabar, and there are also more than 100 kinds of pediatric medicines, accounting for about 10%, and pediatric medicines are even higher. Cinnabar is also very common in Mongolian and Tibetan medicines.

Modern biomedicine found that cinnabar is absorbed through digestive tract or wound, Free mercury is generated, And combine with hemoglobin in blood, It enters various tissues and organs of the human body along with blood circulation. Free mercury combines with tissue cells (including central nervous system and enzyme system), Causing malnutrition, degeneration and even necrosis of cells. Acute poisoning is manifested as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pus and blood, oliguria, urination and uremia. Chronic poisoning is manifested as digestive system lesions. Mental disorder, Mercury toxicity tremor, liver and kidney function damage, visual field reduction, sexual dysfunction. Clinical reports show that cinnabar may cause liver and kidney damage, gastrointestinal tract reaction, nervous system poisoning, hemolytic anemia, allergic reaction, etc. Some animal test reports believe that cinnabar can reduce the excitability of mouse brain central nervous system, so it has the so-called [sedative sleep] effect; However, cinnabar has accumulated effect in the body. If given for a long time, animals will suffer from weight loss, hypokinesia, slow response, renal ischemia, hepatomegaly and other symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine regards some toxic and side effects of cinnabar as curative effect, which is the reason why cinnabar is abused in pediatrics to calm the nerves and relieve convulsions.

At present, the Chinese medicine community does not deny the fact that cinnabar is poisonous, but it is very divided. When Chinese medicine needs to brag about the nihilistic cinnabar efficacy, it says: [Maybe those soluble ingredients are effective]; If you want to talk to Chinese medicine about the toxicity of cinnabar, He will talk to you about [cinnabar and water flying technology, Remove all soluble mercury salts, The remaining HgS is insoluble, Not absorbing, 98% of them were directly discharged out of the body]. According to the regulations of < < Chinese Pharmacopoeia > > 2000 edition, The purity of HgS in cinnabar shall not be lower than 96%, Other impurities are soluble mercury salts, Arsenic, lead, cadmium and other heavy metal associated compounds, This is also when the Chinese patent medicine with cinnabar ingredient was caught abroad, In addition to this small amount of soluble mercury salt, According to the research results of Shou Guangshun and others,: [It is certain that cinnabar is poisonous if taken orally in excess, The absorption rate of inorganic mercury in human body is 5%, The absorption rate of methylmercury can reach 100%, and cinnabar (HgS) can produce methylmercury when it meets methyl-carrying substances in a dark environment with anaerobic sulfur and pH 7 and temperature 37 ℃. However, the human intestinal tract is meeting this condition, so oral administration of cinnabar and its preparations increases the chance of poisoning]. < < Chinese Pharmacopoeia > > 2010 edition also has to clearly indicate: [Prohibited for pregnant women and patients with liver and kidney insufficiency]; The question is, are you willing to take a fully functional liver and kidney to try this tiger drug, which is known to have liver and kidney toxicity?

# Cinnabar Poisoning Case 1 #

Baby girl, born healthy, On the 6th day, the mother found horse teeth, Grandmother picked it out with a needle, Then apply cinnabar (about 4-5 grams), After that, the child began to be agitated, crying and salivating at the mouth. About one hour later, the child fell asleep. About two hours later, he found pale complexion, light and slow breathing, deep inhalation, gray color and green mouth, convulsion once, spasticity of the whole body, binocular gaze… and finally died. (Journal of Neonatology > > Issue 05 of 1993 < < One Case of Neonatal Acute Cinnabar Poisoning Death > >)

# Cinnabar Poisoning Case 2 #

Female, March, As he cried incessantly, Parents took about 500 mg of cinnabar. After that, drowsiness gradually appeared. Limbs were weak and sometimes groaned. After about 20 hours, he developed a coma and did not respond to various stimuli. He came to see a doctor urgently. During this period, he was delirious and showed a deep coma. During this period, he had shallow slow breathing, irregular rhythm, apnea, pale complexion, binocular gaze, double pupil size, and decompensated metabolic acidosis. (< < Pediatric Emergency Medicine > > No.03 in 1997 < < 1 case of cinnabar acute poisoning > >)

# Cinnabar Poisoning Case 3 #

Skin Absorption # June Baby Boy Diagnosed as Dyspepsia by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Use various drugs for navel sticking, roasting, The baby died on the day the navel was pasted with cinnabar. After examination, Renal proximal convoluted tubules and distal convoluted tubules were degenerated and necrotic, Liver cells were degenerated and swollen. The measured mercury content was 452 g/100 g kidney tissue and 29 g/100 g liver tissue. (Journal of Forensic Medicine > > November 1998 (No.4) < < 1 case died of cinnabar poisoning > > by Yang Zhenglong)-Mercury and its compounds in cinnabar can enter the body through the skin, causing harm to children regardless of dosage, but to different degrees.


Realgar is an arsenic sulfide mineral. According to Compendium of Materia Medica, it is believed that [Realgar can treat malaria with cold and heat, relieve dysentery in summer heat, become addicted to alcohol, convulse epilepsy, dizziness due to head wind, remove blood stasis in abdomen, and kill labor chancre.] Modern medicine proves that arsenic and its compounds can lead to arsenic poisoning, damage nerves and blood vessels, and can cause fatty degeneration, necrosis and cancer of liver, kidney, spleen, myocardium and other parenchymal organs.

Some Chinese medicine lovers are fond of talking about arsenic in treating acute promyelocytic leukemia. It must be pointed out that the mechanism and clinical application of arsenic in treating acute promyelocytic leukemia are confirmed by modern medicine. It is a drug whose income is greater than the risk before a better and safer specific drug is found. Serious arsenic poisoning is also likely to occur during clinical treatment, but it is worth trying compared with losing one’s life.

Normal countries in the world have banned the use of heavy metals such as cinnabar and realgar in drugs, and have strict trace limits on mercury and arsenic contents in drugs and foods…

Former Health Minister Chen Zhu finally issued the “National Essential Drugs Catalogue” (2012 Edition) (Ministry of Health Decree No.93) before leaving office, which also includes proprietary Chinese medicines containing cinnabar and realgar, which can be paid by medical insurance, including at least the following:

Niuhuang Jiedu Pills (capsules, soft capsules, tablets), Tianwang Buxin Pills (tablets), Baizi Yangxin Pills, Huatuo Zaizai Pills, Xiaohuoluo Pills, Bingboron Powder, Qili Powder (capsules), Annao Pills, Suhe Xiang Pills, Zhuifeng Tougu Pills, Shangke Jiegu Pills…

< < Chinese Patent Medicine Prescription Standard Issued by the Ministry of Health > > includes pediatric prescriptions containing cinnabar or realgar

Dingjianhuafeng pill, Puji Huichun pill, Xiaoer Baishou Pills, Pediatric security pills, Xiaoer Huichun Pill, Xiaoer Jijing Powder, Xiaoer Jindan Tablets, Xiaoer Niuhuang Powder, Xiaoer Zhenjing Pills, Xiaoer Amber Pill, Zhishengbaoyuan pill, Annao Niuhuang Tablet, Baixiao pill, Huichun pill, Sheshang Jiedu Tablets, Wawaning, Xiaoer Liangyou Powder, Xiaoer Lingyang Powder, Xiaoer Niuhuang Qingxin Powder, Xiaoer Taiji Pills, Xiaoer Xiaoji Pill, Baby Ping (Capsule) [Drama], Baby Pills, Zhu Po Jingfeng Powder, Babao Yushu Pills ( Babao Yu Shu Dan) , Winding Throat Powder, Xiaoer Fengfeng Powder, Xiaoer Pneumonia Powder, Xiaoer Sizheng Pill, Baby Pills, Zhupo Baoying Powder ( Zhu Po Bao Ying Dan) , Baoyuan Pills ( Po Yuen Dan), Shensanqishang Tablet, Convulsive Pills, Green Snow, Niuhuang Qingre Powder, Taihe Miaoling Pills ( Taihe Miaolingdan) , Peach Blossom Powder, Hygiene Pill ( Hygiene Baodan) , Xiaoer Qiying Pills, Xiaoer Qingre Zhenjing Powder, Bi Wen Tablets, Xiao Er Qi Feng Powder, Xiaoer Zhenjing Powder, Baoying Powder, Jiuji Powder, Tiewa Powder (Tiewadan) , Xiaoer Baile Tablets, Xiaoer Qingre Tablet, Yingning Powder, Compound Shedan Tangerine Peel Powder, Xiaoer Jindan, Baby Xiaoshi Powder, Baotong Huatan pill, Baoying Zhenjing Pills, Koryo Qingxin Pills, Ginseng Zhibao Pills, Wanshi Niuhuang Qingxin Tablets, Xiaoer Feireping Capsule, Xiaoer Hulu Powder, Salt Snake Powder, Baby Baofeining ( Powder, Baby Baofeining Capsule, Baby Ping (San) , Shexiang Pills, Pediatric Qili Powder, Houyao Powder, Hushi Liushen Pill, Niuhuang Qingre Capsule, Qianjin Powder, Shedan Tangerine Peel Huatan Powder, Amber Huatan Zhenjing Pill, Shennotoginseng Injury Medicine ( Powder, Xiaoer Jing’an Pill, Jiulong Huafeng Pill, Ju Fang Zhibao Wan, Xiaoer Huichun Pill ( Da Mi Wan), Children’s Convulsion Seven Li Powder, Xiaoer Zhuhuang Powder, Juper Anshen Dan ( Pills), Gold Clothes to Treasure Ingots, Jingfeng Powder, Xiaoer Niuhuang Granules, Zhike Taohua Powder, Annao pill, Niuhuang Jingnao tablet, Xiaoer Kangjing Tablets, Zhenjing Powder, Shaqi Powder, Angong Niuhuang Tablets, Eight Treasures and Five Gallbladder Medicine Ink, Niuhuang Xiling Pill, Baochi a golden pill, Shensanqi Shangyao Powder, Modified Shedan Tangerine Peel Tablets, Niuhuang Ninggong Tablets, Xiaoer Baixiao Tablets, Xiaoer Huatan Pill, Xiaoer Convulsive Tablets, Xingnao Anshen Capsule, Shangke Jiegu Tablet, Annao Tablet, Diantong Pill (Plum Blossom Diantong Pill), Sanqi Xueshang Ning Capsule, Sanqi Xueshang Ning Powder, Suxiao Niuhuang Pill, Niuhuang Xingnao Pill, Yunjing, Lvxue Capsule, Taiji Pill, Xiaoer Qizhen Pill (Xiaoer Qizhen Pill), Yushu Powder, Lingyang Qingfei Powder, Niuhuang Qingfei Pill, Qingre Dingjing Powder, Sublimation Honghei Pill, Xiaoer Jiere Pill, Xiaoer Qizhen Pill…

< < Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 Edition > > Including Pediatric Prescriptions Containing Cinnabar or Realgar

Angong Niuhuang Powder, Angong Niuhuang Pill, Baochi Powder, Jufang Zhibao Powder, Niuhuang Baolong Pill, Niuhuang Qianjin Powder, Niuhuang Zhenjing Pill, Qizhen Pill, Wanshi Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, Weichangan Pill, Xiangsu Zhengwei Pill, Xiaoer Jindan Pill, Xiaoer Jingfeng Powder, Xiaoer Qingre Pill, Xiaoer Zhibao Pill, Yixian Pill, Zixue, Hupo Baolong Pill and Guayao.

Adult prescriptions containing cinnabar or realgar included in ministerial standards and Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Eryi pill, Huoluo pill, Epilepsy Zhenxin Pill, Toad Venom Ingot, Ba Yun San Eye Drops, Dressing Tablets, Mailuotong, Niuhuang Anxin Pills, Niuhuang Babao Pills, Qingxin Guntan Pill, Qingxin Pills and Xijiao Huadu Pills ( Rhinoceros Horn Huadu Pill) , Xinnaojing, Xingnaojiangya pill, Nourishing Yin and Sedative Tablets, One bead, nourishing ginseng and antler pills, Babao Town Jingwan, Bali Powder, Changchun Red Tablets, Feilong Killing Pill ( Feilong Killing Pill) Guangling Powder ( Xiling Powder), Kangshuanzaizai pill, Borneol Anshen Pills, Toubiao Huichun pill, Sanitary Powder, Wuhongling Powder ( Wuhong Lingdan) , Enuresis Powder, Anshen Wendan Pill, Bao Chi Yi Jin San, Bushen Yinao Capsule, Buxin tablet, Changyi capsule, Huisheng First Powder ( The First Dan of Return to Life) Huitian Zaizaiwan, Niuhuang Qingnao Pills, Niuhuang Yujin Pills, Rongxue Buxin Pills, Zhenzhu Shengji Powder, Zhenling Pills, Zhenxian Tablets, Babao Powder, Goose Feather Tube Eye Drop, Melon seed ingot, Jiebiao Zhuifeng pill, Lingzhu Powder, Rendan, Zhuhuang Babao Powder, Shexiang Jiegu Capsule, The eight treasures spread over the clouds, Eight Treasures Eye Drops, Qixin pill, Mizhi Shugan pill, Niuhuang Qinggong Pills, Tougu Zhenfeng Pills ( Tougu Zhenfeng Dan) , Wan Ling Pian, Zhuangyuan pill, Qufeng Huatan pill, Chasu Pills, Bai Yi Zhen Jing Wan, Baizi Yangxin Tablets, Security panacea ( Pills), Jiedu Wanling Pills, Jiuzhi Qingxin Pills, Nvsheng Jindan, Pinggan Shuluo Pills ( Pinggan Shuluodan) , Shangtong Tincture, Jane Huang an Gong Film, Pearl Ice Boron Powder, Zhusha Anshen Tablets, Zijin Powder, Madness Longhu Pill, Huisheng Zaizaiwan, Lixin Pills and Shugan Pills ( Concentrated pills), Tianwang Buxin Pills, Tongzhongling (Tincture) , Baolong Pill, Ha Jie Ding Chuan Wan, Huisheng Yidan Capsule, Pearl Niuhuang Powder, Bushen Yinao Tablet, Cizhu pill, Houtong pill, Houzao Niuhuang Powder, Jiujing Powder, Niuhuang Xiaoyanling Capsule, Niuhuang Xiaoyanling Pills, Qingjinlisou pill, Qingxie pill, Sanhuangbao wax pill, Zhenxin Anshen Pill, Zhusha Anshen Pill, Ginseng and antler Guben are less pills, Jiawei Qili Powder, Xieshu Tablets, Qufeng Suhe Pills, Suhe pill, Tanchuanbanxia granule ( Granules), Tongren Anshen Pills ( Zhusha Anshen Pill) Zijin ingot for external use, Zhuifeng Tougu Tablet, Bunao Anshen Tablet, Compound Lutai Pills, Golden Baolong Pills, Green calyx point tongue pill, Qing Yu Bi Wen Dan, Shixiang Dingtong Pills, Tuxie Dutong Capsule, Shexiang Sanmiao Cream, Gao Li Qing Xin Wan, Niuhuang Baolong Pian, Qitong Pill, Zhongfeng Zaizai Pill, Shexiang Niuhuang Pills, Fall list medicated liquor, Vomiting and diarrhea and tummy pain powder, Anshen Buqi Pill ( Concentrated pills), Compound Chasu Pills, Kangshi Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets, Lingbao Ruyi Pills, Renshen Zaizaiwan ( Concentrated pills), Xiaoshuanzaizaiwan, Shaqi Pill, Kangshi Niuhuang Jiedu Pill, Saimeian Powder, Foshan Renshen Zaizai Pills, Lixin Pills ( Concentrated water pill) , Naosaitong pills, Tiao Gu Tablets, Zhou Shi Hui Sheng Pills, To beat ten thousand flower oil, Compound aloe capsule, Guashuangtuireling Capsule, Zhenggu Water, Zhuifeng Tougu Pills, Hypertensive Sujiangwan, Qingre Angong Pills, Yangyin sedative pill, Zhanjiang snake medicine, Zhenzhu Xiaoji Pills, Zheng’s female Jin Dan, Shexiong Zhibao Pill, Foshan Ginseng Zaobai Tablets, Taurus Eye Drops ( San), Jiu Qiang Nao Li Qing ( Beijing Naoliqing) Liang Caixin Diedawan, Miaoling Pills, Renshen Zaizai Pills ( Honey pills), Xingnao Niuhuang Qingxin tablets, Baizi Yangxin Pill, Baolong Pill, Qiwen Powder, Bingboron Powder, Bushen Yinao Pill, Chunyang Zhengqi Pill, 25wei Coral Pill, 25wei Songshi Pill, Hongling Powder, Meihua Diantong Pill, Niuhuang Qingxin Pill (local prescription), Pinggan Shuluo Pill, Qili Powder, Ginseng Zaizai Pill, Shixiang Huisheng Pill, Shugan Pill, Shuzheng Pill, Suhe Xiang Pill, Tianwang Buxin Pill, Yitong Yili Pill, Yishujin, Yiyuan Powder, Zijin Ingot.

The standard Tibetan medicine roll and pharmacopoeia issued by the Ministry of Health include prescriptions containing cinnabar or realgar.

Twenty-five Mabao Pills, Twenty-five Coral Pills, Twenty-five Podophyllol Pills, Twenty-six Tongjing Powders, Twelve Borneol Powders, Seventeen Dapeng Pills, Thirteen Honghua Pills, Fourteen Takin Horn Pills, Seven Tuercao Powders, Eight Qinpi Pills, Eight Safflower Zhixue Powders, Feirupuqing Powders, Sage Dapeng Pills, Eighteen Ouqu Zhenbao Pills, Zuozhu Darcy (it should be noted that, Mercury in some Tibetan medicines is added through a complex semi-process called [Zotai/Zotai/Zota/Zotai].)

The standard Mongolian medicine roll and pharmacopoeia issued by the Ministry of Health include prescriptions containing cinnabar or realgar.

Jixiang Ankun Pills (Wuliji-18), Ulcer Ointment (Hatage-7), Externally Applied Ulcer Powder (Hatage-7), Safflower Sixteen Powder (Guri Gumu-16)

Now there is a popular saying in the society: [Don’t let your child lose at the starting line.] There is no worse behavior than letting his young child take poison. Therefore, love your child, please don’t give him/her poison in the name of love, don’t let your child lose at the starting line!

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