The common medical mistakes in those movies

1. Non-key characters in the movie all die too fast.

If you are shot in the trunk, stabbed in the stomach and wiped out your neck, you will not be able to move immediately. If this is the case, many people in reality do not need to be rescued. In fact? Death from trauma is a rather tangled process. The only injuries that can really make people stiff immediately are those that hurt the brain or spinal cord, such as head shots, beheadings and spinal cord amputations (hanging, twisting the neck). As for neck wiping, the trachea and carotid artery are seriously injured. Even if one cannot breathe, one will not die immediately. Otherwise, how can we hold our breath? Even if the carotid artery is bleeding heavily, Bloodshed, It will take some time for blood pressure to drop to the brain and there is no blood supply. Stabbed in the stomach, shot in the trunk. Of course, The main character and the villain are different. You can’t die, Thought he’d come back to life once he died. Anyway, The writer has the final say in this matter, What the doctor said is not true. 2. The hero is physically strong. He has been running, fighting, jumping up and down all day. In the end, I can still play with the villain who waits for work. This is mainly a tough guy movie that spits out Jackie Chan and spy movies. Of course, if the main characters are too tired to fight to pieces at the end, I really can’t watch it as an action movie. It is understandable, but don’t take it seriously. 3. The vegetable can wake up like a normal person.

This is incredible. In fact, all these patients have severe brain damage, especially advanced central damage. Less than half the chance of regaining consciousness, After recovery, they are usually severely disabled, There are fewer people who restore social functions. But what we see is always that the male owner wakes up and continues to be tall and powerful. The hostess wakes up and continues to look beautiful, doesn’t she? Of course, The film of men and women drooling and sitting in wheelchairs can’t be filmed either. 4. The whole day has passed, The blood on the clothes is still bright red. The coagulation mechanism of the human body doomed the blood on the clothes to start the coagulation mechanism immediately. Soon it will not be pure liquid, It is flocculent and adheres to the clothing fibers. The divalent iron in heme will gradually be oxidized to trivalent iron. The color turns dark red or even brown, Stick it to the clothes. I believe it will look like what. Everyone has life experience. 5. During the rescue, Watching the electrocardiogram on the ECG monitor form a straight line, Then the doctor picked up the defibrillator electrode and put it on the protagonist’s chest with two bangs and returned to the normal heart rate (sinus rhythm). This is absolutely wrong. The principle of electric defibrillation is that, Use high-energy (200J or even 360J) direct current to give a [purge] of disordered and dangerous heart rhythm, and then hope that the pacing point with the highest self-discipline will lead the heart to beat regularly again. The ideal state can be understood as, a class of primary school students in recess noisy, very noisy, at this time the head teacher (defibrillator) came and shouted [quiet! [(electric defibrillation), then the monitor (sinus node) stood up and directed everyone to stand up and shout good to the teacher, immediately uniform.

Generally, only cardiac rhythms such as ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia need to be defibrillated immediately. At this time, the electrocardiogram is not a straight line, but a pattern that looks quite disordered and fast. What does the straight electrocardiogram mean what? It means that the heart is not only not beating, but also has no electrical activity. This situation is either dead or one step away from death.

If this happens clinically, The first thing to do must be to immediately carry out chest compressions (part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation), Because the most important thing at this time is to let the brain and other most important organs have blood supply, that is to say, the heart does not beat, we can replace the beating of the heart by rhythmic and amplitude compression on the chest wall, and by the way, let the lungs have a certain extent of expansion to achieve some ventilation effect. This is the minimum hope for survival.

The next step is, If there are extra hands, consider pushing medicine, ventilation and preparing electric defibrillation. After several rounds of chest compressions and drug resuscitation, electric defibrillation can be carried out at this time. Some patients may also have some ECG activities due to this, but they also need ventricular coarse fibrillation and other patterns to be easily electrified back. A straight line can be electrified back, which belongs to the miracle of miracles.