Should diabetics choose insulin therapy in what?

At present, insulin has become a sharp weapon for the treatment of diabetes, but many people still have misunderstanding about insulin treatment. Some people think that insulin has no side effects of what, and they voluntarily request insulin treatment as soon as they are diagnosed with diabetes. Other patients believe that insulin is the final stage of diabetes treatment, Even though the blood sugar is already very high, Also reluctant to start insulin therapy. In fact, both concepts are one-sided. The following is a brief introduction to the need to consider insulin therapy in what: 1. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is characterized by impaired islet cell function, Insulin secretion is absolutely insufficient, Once diagnosed, insulin is required, But also requires lifelong insulin replacement therapy. Type 2.2 diabetes mellitus is treated with lifestyle and oral hypoglycemic drugs. If blood sugar still falls short of control targets, The combination therapy of oral drugs and insulin can be started. 3. New diabetes patients with difficulty in distinguishing from type 1 diabetes, Insulin therapy can be considered as soon as possible. 4. For patients with type 2 diabetes accompanied by obvious hyperglycemia (e.g. Glycosylated hemoglobin is greater than 9%), Intensive insulin therapy can be used for a short period of time, It is usually used for 2 weeks to 3 months. 5. During a period of time before and after the operation, Especially for large and medium-sized operations, The use of insulin is beneficial to the stability and control of blood sugar, And is beneficial to the healing of the wound after operation. 6. Severe acute complications occur, Such as diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic hyperosmotic coma, And in some traumatic and stressful situations, Insulin can be used for a short period of time. 7. Diabetes has a long course of disease, Serious chronic complications have occurred, Such as diabetic foot, diabetic nephropathy and renal insufficiency, And patients with reduced insulin secretion, Insulin treatment is also needed. 8. Women with gestational diabetes or diabetes combined with pregnancy, Insulin therapy is generally required. The above list is only the general situation. Clinically, doctors are also required to choose the appropriate treatment method according to the specific situation of each patient. Doctors are also constantly summing up experience to help diabetics better cope with the disease.