Six habits that are easy to hurt the kidney. How many do you have?

When it comes to kidney, everyone is familiar with it. Advertisements for [kidney deficiency] [tonifying kidney] are flying everywhere. It seems that everyone’s kidney is deficient… Dr. Clove just wants to ask: Why is this kidney casually [deficient]?

It may be a bit fantastic to say [empty]. Let’s put it another way-[hurting kidney]. Kidney is not as fragile as the legend says, but if you have the 6 points mentioned today, it is difficult to say.

Let’s make it clear first that the kidney in modern medicine refers to a pair of organs like big broad beans, which belong to the urinary system and are still different from the [kidney] with [kidney deficiency].

Our kidneys are like a city’s sewage treatment plant, which transports supplies needed for the operation of the plant through various channels to treat sewage. The difference is that the sewage plant discharges clean water after treating pollutants, while the kidneys leave useful things behind and filter them to discharge waste.

Drink too little water: poor circulation, insufficient supply

As you can imagine, if the sewage treatment plant does not have enough electricity and energy, the workers cannot get supplies, and the urban sewage transportation is not smooth, it will naturally stop.

The same is true for the kidney. If the amount of blood reaching the kidney is insufficient:

    First, if sufficient [nutrients] cannot be transported to the kidney, ischemia and anoxia will occur, resulting in renal function damage. Second, metabolic wastes from other parts of the body cannot be discharged in time.

Drinking less water in daily life, although it will not immediately harm the kidney, is not conducive to the excretion of human metabolites, especially for patients with hyperuricemia and urinary calculi, drinking more water is helpful to relieve the disease and prevent recurrence.

Eat too much: produce too much waste to bear too much weight.

Life is really full of pits. It is not easy to be a food seller.

Like heavy taste, life is to have taste! However, sodium intake is too high.

I like to eat hot pot. After that, I have to drink some soup for rinsing meat. How delicious the old fire soup is! However, the purine content is high.

Beer and seafood, what a wonderful life! However, hyperuricemia will occur.

Big fish and big meat are rich in nutrition! However, there is more protein.

… …

These situations not only require the kidneys to pick up the garbage and discharge it out of the body, which will overwhelm the kidneys over time, but also lead to various diseases, such as eating too salty, increasing the risk of hypertension and indirectly damaging the kidneys.

Perhaps you used to just sigh with emotion: you only have a heart to eat, but you don’t have a stomach to eat… from today on, you may add: it seems that you don’t have a kidney to eat.

Grow too fat: demand is big, burden is heavy,

Plump friends may have a little emotion when they see this. How can obesity provoke the kidney?

Do you think that in a city with a large population, its sewage treatment plants will be busier than in a small city?

By the same token, for heavy people, the kidney must work harder to meet the needs, and working overtime for a long time is ultimately a challenge to the kidney.

Not only that, obesity itself will also bring various diseases, which will eventually damage the kidneys.

According to statistics, the risk of obese people eventually developing chronic kidney disease is 2-7 times that of ordinary people.

Smoking: Kidney function is injured and factory machines are destroyed.

Cigarettes show unconvinced, let me carry all the pots!

It is really not unjust. The ingredients in tobacco, especially heavy metals such as nicotine, lead and cadmium, will hurt the kidney. Moreover, if patients already have problems such as hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease, smoking will only make things worse.

Urine holding: Waste retention, pipeline damage

Our sewage treatment plant is indeed particularly capable, but if the waste water discharge pipeline is blocked, it will still be shut down.

The most common thing in life is to hold your urine. Everyone always has all kinds of reasons. There is no time, the toilet is far away, the game is at a critical juncture, and the bed is very comfortable…

It is not a good thing to hold your urine. After a long time, the bladder will be affected and continue to develop. Urine backflow may hurt the kidney. Maybe, it will also [hurt], [hurt the brain] and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Alas, it turns out that my kidney is so easily injured, please mend it quickly! How magical and charming tonic and folk prescription look, I feel that I can’t control myself…

Improper medication: leading wolves into the house and destroying factory machines,

1. Folk prescription: Not only useless, but also harmful,

The folk prescription is really a very mysterious thing.

Within the scope known by modern medicine, there has never been any study to prove which folk prescription is beneficial to kidney health.

The fact is, these drugs are really not [the toxic and side effects are not clear], and the clinical practice has been clear. Many ingredients in the so-called [folk prescription] will harm the kidney.

For example, a substance called aristolochic acid, even if taken once in a small dose, may cause irreversible damage to the kidney.

2. Attention should be paid to taking medicine, especially for special groups.

The nephrotoxicity of western medicine will mostly be marked in the instructions. Look more before taking the medicine. Some medicines with good curative effect cannot be taken frequently if they have nothing to do.

The drug instructions will also indicate how to adjust the dosage for patients with inherently poor renal function. When we go to the hospital, remember to explain the medical history clearly with the doctor, and pay attention to the instructions before taking the medicine.

This kidney, but your own, is worn out. Take what to compensate yourself?