Men and women, whose underside [washing is healthier]?

Nowadays, everyone can easily obtain all kinds of information from the Internet.

However, the understanding of the body [below] is often disturbed by all kinds of porn, porn, porn and advertisements, which is especially annoying.

If nothing else, I believe many people do not know whether to wash it or not and how to wash it.

Well, let’s leave the following (literally) to Dr. Clove.

Women, washing is healthier?

Don’t clean your vagina.

Many people will think vaginal secretions are dirty. In fact, vaginal secretions in a healthy state are very clean.

Normal vaginal secretions themselves have various states, which may be transparent and filamentous or pasty, and the color may be milky white, flaxen or slightly yellowish. Due to sedentary or sultry reasons, there may also be slight smell.

These vaginal secretions contain a large number of exfoliated cells, some mucus and some normal bacteria in the vagina, which can play a role in lubricating, maintaining acid-base balance in the vagina and inhibiting bacterial proliferation.

The best way for women to protect themselves is…

Just scrub the vulva with clear water.

Some gynecological lotion advertisements are full of hype, which may mislead many people, and the vagina may instead [wash out the disease without disease].

Vagina has self-purification ability and can secrete protective substances to maintain the stability of the internal environment and resist invading bacteria.

The use of those lotions can easily destroy the balance of the vagina itself and increase the risk of inflammation.

Men, washing is healthier!

It may be quite appropriate to use [salty and wet] to describe my younger brother.

Sweat glands and sebaceous glands are abundant around the little brother, plus thick Mao Mao. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene at ordinary times, it is like wearing a pair of wool underpants, and what’s dirty things are covered inside.

If the prepuce is too long or phimosis, the secretion of sebaceous glands in the prepuce is not easy to discharge, which will gradually form foul-smelling prepuce scale. The prepuce scale is very suitable for the growth of bacteria and may lead to balanitis or dermatitis.

In fact, a large proportion of Chinese men have redundant foreskin or even phimosis.

The way for men to protect themselves is also simple…

Warm water cleaning under healthy conditions

Pay attention to the cleaning sequence:

To wash the penis first, turn up the foreskin completely, clean the foreskin scale completely, and then wash the anus.

The glans penis skin is very delicate and sensitive to chemicals, while some people feel itchy and uncomfortable with cleaning agents, which may be an allergic reaction.

If you go to a regular hospital, it is clear that after dermatitis or balanitis, you can use dichlorobenzene biguanidine hexane (commonly known as chlorhexidine lotion) and other self-cleaning. After inflammation subsides, if there is phimosis or redundant foreskin, circumcision is recommended.

If there is ulcer in glans penis or penis, simple cleaning is difficult to take effect. When the ulcer cannot be cured for a long time and even has malodor, you should go to the hospital in time to eliminate the possibility of penis tumor.

If men do not have the habit of cleaning their penis at ordinary times, it may also cause vaginitis or cervicitis of the woman.

Therefore, washing is healthier, and hello is better.