Skin Care during Pregnancy, Striving to Be a Beautiful Mother

Pregnant eczema medication, optional hormone ointment

Why are pregnant mothers prone to skin problems such as rashes? Because estrogen and progesterone in the body will increase after pregnancy, The mother’s basal body temperature will rise accordingly, With an extra baby in my body, The body is prone to dryness and heat, The immune system will also change, Therefore, the skin during pregnancy is prone to itching symptoms, susceptible to allergies, Then eczema occurs. Care for eczema must first keep the skin moist and cool. If the skin temperature is too high, it is not conducive to the recovery of eczema. Therefore, Pregnant mothers with eczema, You should turn on the air conditioner when you sleep in summer. You can’t let yourself sweat, Otherwise, eczema will be difficult to cure. Also pay attention to sun protection, Sunlight can easily induce recurrent eczema. In other details of life, You should also pay great attention to it. For example, When choosing a cleaning agent for clothes, Care should be taken not to choose alkaline cleaning agents containing chemical components, Instead, choose mild and low-sensitivity varieties. Avoid direct exposure to chemicals. You can choose baby shower gel to protect your skin, Use low-sensitivity skin cream. In addition, Avoid physical stimuli, For example, friction. Chemical fiber, wool, hemp and silk clothes cannot be worn. It is best to choose pure cotton, breathable and soft clothes. If the pregnant mother does all kinds of care, Eczema hasn’t healed yet, You need to consider medication. The first choice of drugs should be hormone ointment for external use. Ointment must start with weak hormone. Such as hydrocortisone butyrate, Or momethasone. After a short period of medication, Once the symptoms are under control, You should only use moisturizing cream to care for your skin. Keep your skin moist, Because skin suffering from eczema is afraid of dryness. Stretch marks can be treated with olive oil. Many people say, Stretch marks are mother’s patent, It’s a medal for being a mother, It’s a gift from the baby to the mother. That sounds beautiful, But in real life, Because striae gravidarum appears and cannot be removed, Therefore, it has brought a heavy blow to women who love beauty. In order to avoid this kind of distress, Women who are preparing to have babies and pregnant mothers who are giving birth often try every means to prevent stretch marks in advance. Many related care products are available on the market for people to buy for smearing and massage. Can they really prevent stretch marks effectively? Before answering this question, First, let’s look at how stretch marks are formed. Stretch marks are medically called [skin expansion marks]. Also known as [atrophic striations], It is the skin that has been pulled excessively for a long time. The long striae gravidarum of pregnant mothers is affected by hormone changes and genetic factors during pregnancy. It is usually produced when you are 5 ~ 6 months pregnant. The main forming factor still lies in the genetic constitution of the individual. Some pregnant mothers did not use such protective articles at all during pregnancy. No striae gravidarum, Even if some pregnant mothers take careful care of them throughout pregnancy, There will also be annoying stretch marks. On closer examination, Or is it related to heredity, Most of the mothers of these women also have striae gravidarum, Therefore, using or not using such products does not have much effect. Even if it is used, We must also purchase products produced by regular manufacturers from regular channels. I have come into contact with many patients with skin allergy caused by applying anti-striae gravidarum skin care products. This will do more harm than good. At present, the safest recommendation is to apply olive oil properly every day. Although this method cannot effectively prevent striae gravidarum, But it can play a certain role in keeping skin moist. Many people also asked me: Can you still wear heavy makeup when you are pregnant, Can you apply nail polish? Once or twice an occasional heavy makeup is no problem, However, you cannot wear heavy makeup for a long time. If you use mild skin care products before pregnancy, You can still continue to use it, I don ‘t recommend change at will, Because if you change skin care products after pregnancy, It may cause skin allergy. However, Once the skin is allergic, It is usually recommended to change skin care products with low sensitivity. This kind of low-sensitivity products developed for allergic skin are specially available on the market. Some nail polishes contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, acetone, phthalates (also called phthalates), Long-term application may affect the fetus, so nail polish containing the above chemicals is not recommended for long-term use during pregnancy, but occasional use is not a problem (e.g. The frequency of applying nail polish once a week should not affect). If the frequency of applying nail polish during pregnancy is high, try to choose nail polish that does not contain the above harmful substances from regular cosmetics companies.