Sleep Consultant Xiao Tu Da Orange Answers Neonatal Sleep Questions Online

This question-and-answer is over. Thank you for your participation. Welcome to pay attention to the future question-and-answer activities.

Hello everyone, I am a sleep consultant, Xiao Tuda Orange, and I am familiar with sleep problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, poor sleep, waking up at night, crying in sleep, etc.

From 18: 00 p.m. to 20: 00 p.m. on March 24, I will have an online centralized question-and-answer session here.

If you have doubts about the sleep problems and sleep habits of babies aged 0-3 months, please ask me questions. I will try my best to help you analyze the problems and provide possible solutions.

Activity Rules

  1. Ask questions directly in the comment box under this article, and I will focus on answering questions from 18: 00 to 20: 00 p.m. on March 24.

  2. Please ask questions related to [sleep problems of babies aged 0-3 months], such as difficulty in falling asleep, easy waking up, and having to eat milk before sleeping.

  3. In order for me to provide a more effective reply, please try to give the following information while asking questions:

    The age of your child; You have used what methods to solve the problem, and how effective is it? Whether there are [major life events] in the family, such as the child’s illness, moving house, the child’s shock, etc.

The baby’s good sleep habits are related to the initial cultivation, so pregnant expectant mothers are also welcome to ask questions and prepare for a rainy day.

Position Statement

The answer only represents personal views.

The answer is only for the content provided by the questioner. When the background information is insufficient, the answer will be based on certain assumptions for reference only.

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