Did you brush your teeth and wash your hands? Sex also requires courtesy.

A female friend complained to Ji Ge that her boyfriend did not like to take a bath every day and often changed his underpants every other day. The reason was that [men are not so prone to urinary tract infection and do not need to take a bath every day to change their underpants].

Women are indeed more likely to suffer from urinary tract infection than men, but men are not immune.

Besides, men do not speak hygiene and women are directly victimized, because unclean sexual behavior is the most common factor of urinary tract infection.

Washing is the basic courtesy!

As I said just now, unclean sexual behavior is the most common factor of urinary tract infection.

If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, germs can invade the urethra through genitals, anus, hands, partner’s oral cavity or toys (covering your face and floating across …) and other ways.

Clinical statistics show that at least 60% of women have encountered typical urinary tract infection symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency of urination and pain of urination.

Women’s urethra is very close to vagina and anus, plus short and straight, germs can reach bladder, kidney and other places relatively easily.

Although men’s urethra is longer and the probability of urinary tract infection caused by bacteria ascending along the urethra is smaller, please don’t be happy too early.

Because once urinary tract infection occurs in men, there are likely to be serious diseases, such as bladder emptying dysfunction, urinary system obstruction, etc.

Female Hygiene: He said [Rubbing is fine], do you believe it?

Women generally pay more attention to personal hygiene, but sometimes they may [protect] themselves in the wrong way. Let’s say two common misconceptions:

Step 1 Use pads every day

Pads have poor air permeability, especially when the weather is sultry and humid, which is more likely to breed bacteria. Therefore, it is not recommended to use pads during non-menstrual periods.

Step 2: Wash your private parts with lotion

Many female friends think that they should use lotion to clean their private parts, otherwise they are not clean enough. In fact, healthy women’s private parts are very clean, with a self-contained self-cleaning system, which is easy to destroy the vaginal environment.

Don’t use lotion casually, just scrub vulva with clear water. What soap, medicinal soap, soap, shower gel, detergent… are all unnecessary.

In addition, the following points should be paid attention to:

    Try to wear cotton aunt underpants to ensure air permeability and sweat absorption, and change them every day. Pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room, scrub vulva with clear water, and do not flush water into vagina. When masturbating with hands or instruments, one should also pay attention to cleaning before and after the event. Don’t let the other party [enter] for a while before wearing condoms, and wear them before [dawdling]!

Male Hygiene: Don’t Ask Me Why I Brush My Teeth

Women’s illness is sometimes really not just a problem for women. Men’s external genitals are more likely to come into contact with the outside world, thus carrying germs. Men should pay attention to the following points:

    Underpants had better be changed every day. It is best to take a bath every day, at least you have to clean your vulva. If your foreskin is too long, you have to turn it over and wash it. Clean before and after the same room; If you have multiple sexual partners, please use condoms. Wash your hands and brush your teeth.

Why did you ask me to wash my hands and brush my teeth? Well… Ji Ge doesn’t understand it very well either.

Safety comes first

The prevention and treatment of some diseases should treat both sexual partners as a whole.

Whether male or female, whether your other half is of the opposite sex or the same sex, Ji Ge hopes that you will enjoy sexual pleasure on the premise of safety.