Sprain, what should I do?

Did what show after the sprain?

Ankle is the most easily sprained part. After spraining, the muscles around the injured part will feel pain and are difficult to move. The joints may swell, congestion occurs on the skin surface, and you cannot walk with heavy load. Press the injured part with your hand will be very painful.

What should I do if I sprain?

Step 1 Stop walking

After sprain, the exercise should be stopped immediately. If you continue to exercise or walk, the injury may be aggravated.

Step 2: Ice

Within 48 hours after the sprain, the ice bag can be wrapped with towel or the sprained position can be applied with iced mineral water ice, which can reduce inflammation and swelling caused by the sprain and also relieve pain.

Never hot compress!

Suggestions on the number of ice compresses: on the first day after injury, ice compresses once an hour for 20 minutes each time; The next day, ice was applied 3-4 times for 20 minutes each time.

Step 3 Raise the affected part

If it is a less serious sprain of the lateral ankle joint, a pillow can be placed at the injured foot when lying down and resting to make the ankle higher than the heart plane to relieve congestion and swelling.

Step 4 Take painkillers

If it is very painful and affects the quality of life, consult a doctor or pharmacist to use painkillers.

5. See a doctor as soon as necessary.

Severe sprain may lead to fracture and need to be treated by a doctor. Self-treatment may lead to poor fracture healing and affect ankle motor function.

In case of any of the following circumstances, you should see a doctor in time:

(1) Can’t move at all, it hurts especially when you move.

(2) The pain did not improve after ice application and rest.

(3) The injured part becomes purple cyan, numb, unconscious or tingling.

(4) The same part is always sprained, which may be due to poor ligament healing. You should also go to the hospital to do recovery treatment again.

How to prevent sprain?

  1. Choose a pair of shoes that fit your feet.

  2. At ordinary times, more outdoor activities are carried out to enhance physical fitness and muscle strength.

  3. Try to do some exercises to strengthen your balance, such as yoga.

  4. Pay more attention to safety when going down steps or sports activities.

  5. Engaged in slightly higher intensity sports activities, such as ball games, to do a good job of warm-up exercise, wear ankle protection.