Stampede Survival Guide

Stampedes are easy to occur in crowded places. How can injuries be avoided to the greatest extent if encountered?

How to survive the stampede?

How to avoid falling down?

  1. No heckling.

  2. Stay calm in the crowd and do not push.

  3. Avoid moving against the flow of people.

  4. Keep your center of gravity and avoid falling down.

  5. Avoid bending down or squatting, and don’t pick up your shoes even if they fall off.

  6. You can look for bunkers to avoid crowding and collision, or lamp posts that will not fall down or be squeezed.

  7. Pay attention to avoid unsafe positions, such as glass walls, and the edge of the fence that may fall.

What if you fall down?

  1. Stay sideways.

  2. Bend your body like a prawn, hold the back of your head, and pay attention to the chance to stand up and escape at any time.

  3. Both knees protect important organs in chest and abdomen.

  4. In case you cannot move after falling down: Keep calm, which can reduce oxygen consumption and metabolic rate. This is the last chance to wait for rescue.

The cause of death of the victims in the stampede was what?


In the absence of obvious fracture and blood loss, the biggest cause of death is asphyxia. The weight of too many people will directly suffocate people, which is the same as python death.

Through the memories of some survivors, we can also get complaints such as gradual asphyxia and loss of consciousness. After they were rescued, a large number of bleeding spots on their faces and other skin also proved their previous experiences of stress and hypoxia.

Loss of blood

The second is blood loss. In the stampede accident, fracture is a common situation. Karamay fire escape, also occurred congestion stampede, some of the dead, even visible high heels stepped out of the hole. Fracture at the same time, often occur hemorrhagic shock, which is also an important cause of death.

Squeeze syndrome

In addition, long-term extrusion can cause [extrusion syndrome]. Patients may suffer from renal failure, acidosis, hyperkalemia, and in severe cases cardiac arrest, leading to death.

In a crowded crowd, why does it become dangerous when someone falls down?

When the crowd is crowded, people approach each other directly, and everyone’s mood is inevitably agitated. If someone falls carelessly, more people will fall like dominoes.

At this time, someone will try to escape, and once the crowd is in chaos, there may be stampedes.

What should I do when someone falls down?

Just get up!

However, this is the problem. Seeing a large number of people fall down in front of them, the successors panic and think that they are in great danger and their lives are in jeopardy. This is the normal mentality of the hoodwinked.

Why do stampedes mostly occur in less developed countries?

Students in the United States said: “Every holiday, especially at the end of the year, people gather together. The big apple in new york is a tradition. Many New Year’s gifts will be thrown out, and more people will go.”

I looked up the data and found that such accidents are really rare in developed countries. In India and Mecca, there have been stampedes with hundreds of deaths.

Just now, I saw such a live broadcast: