Year-end Special: Clove Doctors Tell You Some Good News

Readers, This is Dr. Clove’s first New Year’s Day with you. In 2014, With all of us, Shatter rumors and spread scientific health concepts. With awe of complex human bodies, Every [doctor clove] writes every article with the most rigorous attitude. Therefore, we will tell everyone that there is no panacea. There is no magic folk prescription, so that it does not bring good news to everyone. However, on the occasion of the New Year, we invite all doctors clove to tell you about the exciting breakthroughs in their fields. These [good news] in the medical field are exactly the New Year’s message from every doctor clove to everyone!

Penis: Endovascular Treatment of Stroke

The treatment of cerebral ischemic stroke has always been a difficult problem. With the advent of new intravascular therapeutic devices, A series of intravascular therapy technologies such as arterial thrombolysis, intravascular thrombectomy and angioplasty stent have developed rapidly. Although these technologies have not been supported by sufficient clinical research data due to their short clinical application time, However, it has shown great potential in terms of too short a time window for drug therapy, low recanalization rate and poor long-term efficacy before solving the problem.

Li Morning: Fetus Can Receive Surgical Treatment in Uterus,

To date, Pediatric surgery still retains the original mystery of medicine to the public. For the fact that children and even newborns can receive surgical treatment, Many people are also surprised. The advent of fetal surgery, It also makes surgery, an ancient discipline, shine with new brilliance. Some congenital abnormalities can endanger the life of the fetus. Or affect the development of important organs of the fetus, now we can give surgical treatment before the fetus is born. Although there are still some social ethical problems in this treatment method, with the continuous improvement of diagnosis and treatment technology and the improvement of people’s ethical concepts, fetal surgery will certainly open up a new prospect for the development of human medicine.

Chen Qi: Liver is also artificial,

The liver is the largest metabolic organ of the human body, When severely hit by viruses and hepatotoxic drugs, Liver failure may occur, The mortality rate is as high as 60%-80%. Based on the liver’s strong regenerative ability, Artificial liver as a transitional means, To gain time for liver function recovery in patients with liver failure, It can also be used as a bridge for liver transplantation and create opportunities for waiting for liver source. [Artificial liver] can be divided into abiotic artificial liver and biological artificial liver according to its nature. The former is represented by MARS, and its application in the field of liver disease treatment is increasingly important. The clinical application of biological artificial liver still needs further improvement and expansion.

Chen Yulan: Leprosy has been basically eliminated in our country,

Leprosy is an ancient infectious skin disease. As the bacteria invade the peripheral superficial nerves, It can cause horrible disability. Leprosy patients have been discriminated against and persecuted for a long time in history. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a general survey found that there were more than 500,000 leprosy patients. Most of these people were sent to isolated leprosy rehabilitation villages for free treatment. With the introduction of the combined chemotherapy program in the mid-1980s, China has sounded the clarion call to “eliminate leprosy”. Combined chemotherapy means that leprosy patients no longer need to be isolated from society for a long time, and can eliminate infectivity and return to normal life through treatment in just a few months. According to the current statistics of China’s disease control and prevention department, the current number of patients in the country is less than 5,000, and leprosy has been basically eliminated (the prevalence rate is < 1/100,000).

Mutton Bun: HPV Vaccine Can Reduce Cervical Cancer Incidence

In the field of vaccines, The most exciting topic in recent years is probably the birth of HPV vaccine. Many people call HPV vaccine [cervical cancer vaccine]. Although this name is not accurate, it largely reflects people’s expectation of HPV vaccine. With the widespread vaccination of HPV vaccine, the incidence rate of cervical cancer, which accounts for the second largest cause of death among women, may drop significantly in the future.

Tian Jishun: IVF Brings Good News to Infertility Families

In 1978, The world’s first test-tube baby was born in Britain. [Test-tube baby] is a popular term. Not that the baby grew up in a test tube, Instead, sperm and eggs are taken out artificially. Fertilization and division in an in vitro environment, Then the embryo is transferred to the uterus. Eventually, the mother will have to go through [pregnancy in October and delivery once]. However, life was originally born not in the body, but in the body. This can be said to be an epoch-making medical feat. Apart from bringing good news to infertile families, in a sense, it enabled doctors to do some of God’s work and it [created] life. Therefore, Robert G. Edwards won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010 for this technology.

Hippocratic Disciples: Targeted Therapy Can Strike Tumors Accurately

Tumor targeted drug therapy is proposed relative to traditional chemotherapy. It blocks the growth or metastasis of cancer cells by acting on special molecules of cancer cells. The difference between it and traditional chemotherapy can be compared with the blanket bombardment of precision guided missiles. Tumor targeted therapy can inhibit specific tumors, but has little influence on normal cells. However, traditional chemotherapy does not selectively act on those cells with active division, so it may damage normal cells and cause serious side effects. Targeted drug therapy for tumors is one of the hopes for human beings to defeat cancer in the future and one of the hotspots in cancer research at present.

Qiao Yan: Disappeared Intravascular Stent

Previously, stents in coronary arteries were made of metal, It will exist in blood vessels for a long time. This is also the most tangled problem for patients with coronary heart disease. Now with stents made of new absorbable materials, About 2-3 years after the implantation of the blood vessel, the stent can be completely absorbed without leaving any residue in the blood vessel. The technology has been used in clinical trials at present, and the test shows that the effect is basically equivalent to that of the best metal drug stent at present. I believe it will be widely used in clinical practice in the near future.

Hotstone: Artificial Joint Replacement Technology Tends to Mature

After nearly a hundred years of development, Artificial joint replacement has become more and more mature in prosthesis design, materials and surgical concepts. Especially hip and knee arthroplasty, From the long-term clinical observation, the curative effect is definite. At present, 80%-90% of joint prostheses can be used for more than 20 years. The research on joint revision, infection and other issues is also getting deeper and deeper. However, patients with hip and knee diseases in China still have a lot of room for improvement in the acceptance of joint replacement due to factors such as cost and concept.

Zhang Zheng: The Classic Old Drug Metformin Replays Glory

In the field of diabetes treatment, the value of metformin, a classic old drug, has been re-affirmed, and has been proved to have anti-cancer and life-prolonging effects. It is expected to become the [king] drug in the field of diabetes. More new drugs are also emerging one after another. For example, DPP-4 inhibitor will shine brilliantly in 2014 due to its good hypoglycemic effect and safety. SGLT-2 drugs are also emerging this year and are expected to become [tomorrow’s stars]. The curative effect of bariatric surgery has also been fully confirmed, and it is possible to cure diabetes for patients complicated with obesity.

Zhao Zichen: PSA Examination Can Detect Prostate Cancer Early,

PSA (prostate specific antigen), It is an important indicator commonly used clinically to differentiate benign and malignant prostate nodules. Prostate cancer is the first tumor endangering male health in the United States. In our country, there is also a rising trend year by year-this has to be paid attention to. I often tell patients that [routine physical examination is very important], [early detection and early treatment]. In China, it is recommended that men over 50 years old and with urination symptoms have routine PSA examination every year. This year, add a PSA examination to our father’s physical examination program.

Feifei: Cochlear implants enable children with congenital deafness to communicate verbally.

The invention of cochlear implant, For children and their families with congenital sensorineural deafness with intact central auditory system, This is undoubtedly a great blessing. FDA approved cochlear implants for clinical use in adults in the United States in 1984. After implantation, the cochlear implant can convert sound information into electrical signals, directly apply electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve, and realize hearing simulation. With postoperative hearing training and language therapy, these children with hearing impairment can generally form satisfactory oral language communication ability when they reach school age.

He Jianliang: Dental Implants Are Healthy and Beautiful

After the tooth is missing, people have to face the situation of denture insertion. The traditional restoration method is removable denture and fixed denture. The former is also called movable denture and can be removed freely. Such as porcelain bridges, A part of the hard tissue of healthy teeth at both ends of the lost tooth should be ground. The appearance of dental implants, Eliminates the harm to healthy teeth, And can make patients comfortable without foreign body sensation. Through surgery, the implant can be embedded into the bone of the missing tooth area. After a period of time, the implant experience can be directly combined with the bone closely, and then dentures can be attached to the upper end of the implant. Health, function and beauty coexist. Implant restoration is an increasingly mature and popular way to repair missing teeth.

Liu Yinghui: Successful ART Treatment Raises Expected Survival Time of AIDS Patients to 70 Years Old

AIDS is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. For quite a long time, Due to the lack of vaccines and drugs, People [turn pale at the mention of AIDS]. In 1996, Chinese-American Ho Dayi propose cocktail therapy, That is, three or more different antiviral drugs are used for treatment, It can greatly inhibit virus replication, improve quality of life and prolong survival time. In 2009, the Lancet pointed out that successful anti-retroviral therapy (ART) for AIDS can prolong the expected survival time to 70 years old. In 2013, the number of patients receiving ART treatment worldwide exceeded the number of new infections for the first time, marking a new turning point in AIDS prevention and control.

Luxenius: Valvular Heart Disease, from Large Thoracotomy to Non-Thoracotomy

Luxenius: In the late last century, Cardiac intervention technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, Treatment of coronary heart disease and pacemaker placement can be completed through interventional techniques. However, most valvular heart diseases still rely on total sternotomy, opening the heart and performing surgery under extracorporeal circulation. The trauma is huge. In recent years, minimally invasive technology has leapt A catheter is inserted through the femoral artery in the thigh, A new aortic valve (TAVI) can be implanted through the catheter. This prevents patients who originally had to undergo thoracotomy from undergoing thoracotomy. Those patients with advanced age and poor physical conditions did not have the opportunity to undergo surgery, and TAVI surgery has also achieved better results. At the same time, transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation and mitral valve repair are also gradually rising. China is also constantly developing new materials independently, and the development of minimally invasive treatment for valvular heart diseases is keeping pace with the pace of the world.

Medical technology is changing with each passing day. The incurable diseases 20 years ago may have become minor diseases by now. These [good news] will be good news for all mankind.

I wish everyone a happy New Year’s Day and good health.

In 2015, we have hope!