Sudden deafness, how to do?

Will sudden deafness show what?

Hearing loss or inaudibility in one or both ears can occur suddenly in a short period of time or slowly in a long period of time.

Short-term deafness, that is, hearing loss or severe hearing loss in a short period of time.

Chronic deafness may be accompanied by tinnitus, ear stuffiness, earache, pus, vertigo and other symptoms.

Sudden deafness, how to do?

Most deafness does not have appropriate self-treatment measures.

Therefore, in case of deafness or hearing loss, you should go to the otolaryngology department of a regular hospital in time.

Doctors will make a comprehensive diagnosis and give corresponding treatment through hearing examination, routine ear examination, endoscopic examination, imaging examination and some functional examination, etc. in combination with symptoms and manifestations.

How to prevent sudden deafness?

  1. Exercise, work and rest rules, combination of work and rest, prevent colds;

  2. Healthy diet and balanced nutrition;

  3. Pay attention to adjusting mental health;

  4. Avoid voice environment and use headphones for a long time.

  5. Don’t dig your ears casually;

  6. Try to avoid the use of ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, etc. If you have a history of deafness, you should explain it to the doctor when you prescribe drugs.

  7. Actively treat related diseases, such as rhinitis, diabetes, hypertension, etc.