Teach you how to use female condoms hand in hand.

Many girls have a headache: What if male partners don’t like to wear condoms?

Extracorporeal ejaculation not only affects pleasure but also worries. Looking at the man patting his chest, he looks like he is in control, but he can’t control himself and sperm. Once you are recruited, it is you and not him who suffer…

Girls, don’t worry, I’ll give you a move this time. He doesn’t like wearing condoms, you can wear them! Yes, condoms are also divided into men and women!

There are female condoms?

Not only, but also can be bought online! Many brands can be bought in buy buy, because advertisers have not made any money, and 500 words are omitted here. Women’s condoms are not high-tech in what, but have changed a way of thinking: men can be condoms, and women can also be condoms.

The history of female condoms is much shorter than that of male condoms. It was born in the mid-1980s, when sexually transmitted diseases were prevalent and women needed better protection. The surging female movement also promoted the emergence of female condoms.

Women’s condom is a soft, loose bag made of polyurethane or natural latex, generally 15-17 cm long. One end is open and the other end is closed. The open end has an outer ring with a diameter of about 7 cm, and the closed end is an inner ring with a diameter of about 6.5 cm.

Polyurethane is the mainstream material for women’s condoms. It is PU that we often hear about. It is an organic polymer material with a wide range of uses. Its benefits will be introduced in detail below. ※.

Male Condoms PK Female Condoms

Round 1: Contraceptive Effectiveness [1]

Generally speaking, male condoms and female condoms are both very effective contraceptive methods, and male condoms are slightly better.

In this round, men’s condoms won!

Round 2: Anti-allergy

Female condoms rarely cause allergic reactions. There is a study on polyurethane female condoms. 128 cases of skin allergy used female condoms and male condoms. The results are as follows [2].

Bonus points:

Other studies have shown that the lower segment of genitourinary tract of female condom users is not irritated or damaged, and no changes in vaginal flora have been found [2].

In this round, women’s condoms won!

Round 3: Anti-infection

Some laboratory studies have shown that polyurethane female condoms can not only prevent microorganisms (such as HIV virus) from passing through, but also prevent phages smaller than hepatitis virus (only 1/4 the size of HIV virus) from passing through, which can effectively prevent sexually transmitted infections [2].

Bonus points:

The outer ring of the female condom can partially cover the external genitals, which can prevent ulcerative infection of genitals such as herpes and chancre, and is more effective than the male condom [2].

In this round, women’s condoms won!

Round 4: Strength

The strength of polyurethane is 40% higher than that of latex, so the strength of female condoms is higher [2]; Moreover, the breakage rate of female condoms in use is also lower than that of male condoms.

In this round, women’s condoms won!

Round 5: Use Pleasure

Women’s condoms can be placed in advance in the room without flirting and wearing them halfway, which does not affect the process of love.

The female condom is relatively loose, the condom can cling to the vaginal wall, has good heat transfer, does not restrict Penis’s movement, and the folds of the condom can also bring additional friction stimulation.

In this round, women’s condoms won!

It seems that it is basically better than men’s condoms. More importantly, the use of female condoms, the initiative in the hands of women, is really proud of the feeling!

Women’s condoms are so cool, how do you use them?

If you have used tampons and menstrual cups, you can basically learn from them. The key to using female condoms lies in understanding one’s own body structure, breaking some taboos in concept and facing one’s own body calmly.

First, choose a posture that you feel comfortable, such as squatting, lying down or stepping on a stool with one foot.

STEP 1: Hold the inner ring from the outside of the sleeve with your fingers and gently squeeze it.

STEP 2: Push up along the vaginal wall and enter 6 ~ 9 cm into the vagina.

STEP 3: At this time, the outer ring covers the vulva and you can love freely ~

STEP 4: After loving, hold the outer ring, rotate it for 1 ~ 2 weeks, gently pull it out and discard it-perfect!

Of course, women’s condoms can also be placed by their partners. The method is the same as above. You can enjoy the service as long as you lie flat. Another method is to take out the inner ring and put it on Penis, similar to the male condom. It’s really a variety of games…


When using female condoms, matching lubricant can make the condoms convenient and easy to use, and can also enhance pleasure. Before use, you can add some on the inner side of the condoms and rub them gently to make the lubricant evenly distributed in the condoms. During placement, some lubricant can be added to the outside of the sleeve bottom to facilitate placement. When necessary, some lubricant can also be added to the exposed part of the sleeve to avoid friction discomfort.

Precautions, specially for all kinds of use doubts

    It is normal to feel the outer ring of the female condom moving when loving, so don’t worry. If the presence of the inner ring is very strong, it is usually because the inner ring is not placed deep in the vagina (above the pubic bone); If you feel the outer ring entering the vagina, or Penis entering the vagina from under or on the side of the condom, stop loving, take out the condom, add some lubricant, and place it again.

Can women’s condoms be used if they want?

Women’s condoms can be freely used after excluding the following situations [1]:

    Vaginal tightness, genital tract malformation or genital tract tumor; Second degree uterine prolapse, vaginal anterior and posterior wall swelling above moderate; Repeated urinary tract infection; Acute inflammation of reproductive tract has not been controlled. Allergic to female condoms.

Can you accept female condoms?

Congratulations, you have another optional treasure in your contraceptive shopping cart today!

Female condoms are still a new thing for most people. It is hard to avoid doubts and rejection in their hearts. In fact, male condoms also suffered a lot of grievances in the early stage of promotion. Contraception also requires a little imagination and a little exploration spirit, don’t you think:)