This kind of food can prevent obesity, originally can be so delicious

The whole world is advocating coarse grains.

Indeed, coarse grains have good nutrition, high dietary fiber, strong satiety and slow blood sugar rise, which are very helpful to prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

However, in the eyes of many people, coarse grains = bad.

This is really wrong [coarse grain].

Whole wheat bread and steamed bread are rough in taste. What if they cannot be eaten?

The solution is simple: bake.

Although whole wheat food tastes rough, it has one advantage, that is, it is more fragrant than white bread and steamed bread after baking-because the [pentosan] contained in it will produce aroma at high temperature.

Therefore, it is better to spread a little olive oil on bread slices or steamed bread slices (if you like milk fragrance, you can change it into butter, but you need to spread less), and bake it slightly in a toaster, oven or pan to make the bread surface crisp and taste fragrant. It is a very good breakfast.

However, the [whole wheat food] market is too chaotic. When buying, please be sure to look at the ingredient list. The first ingredient is the [whole wheat flour] product.

Oatmeal tastes sticky and doesn’t like it…

Many people don’t like oatmeal because it is sticky and creamy when cooked. Why don’t you try to mix it with other foods? For example:

    When cooking rice porridge, millet porridge and mung bean porridge, add a spoonful of oatmeal to thicken and taste better. Add 20 times of water to oat and soybean according to the ratio of 1: 2, beat oat soybean milk with soybean milk machine, and add a little honey for seasoning. It is delicious and nutritious.

As long as you can eat oatmeal, how to eat it is good! (Not including the sweet instant cereal…)

Cooking mixed bean porridge takes a long time and is troublesome. What should I do?

Solution: Soak in advance.

Beans have a thick cortex and a tight starch structure, which takes a long time to cook. However, if soaked in advance, the cortex will soften and the starch will absorb water, it will be much easier to cook.

You can do this:

  1. Wash all kinds of beans at night.

  2. Soak in water and refrigerate in refrigerator.

  3. The next night I came back and cooked porridge with a pressure cooker.

In this way, it only takes 20 minutes to cook a pot of soft and delicious miscellaneous bean porridge.

Those who say they don’t even have time to soak beans for a minute or two… think about how you have time to brush your circle of friends?

Can I buy all kinds of cooked coarse grain flour sold in supermarkets?

It can be bought. After coarse grains are ground into flour, it is more convenient to eat.

For breakfast, use hot water to make a cup of coarse grain powder, then add sesame powder and brown sugar for seasoning, which is convenient and nutritious.

Don’t worry, dietary fiber and minerals in coarse grains are heat-stable nutrients and will not be lost due to heating and grinding.

Coarse cereal powder is a good way to eat coarse grains, but the magical effects advertised by some merchants are exaggerated.

Tired of coarse cereal rice, is there any other way to eat it in what?

In fact, there are many ways to eat coarse grains. I recommend several simple and classic ways to eat coarse grains:

Eight Treasures Porridge: Choose all kinds of miscellaneous grains and beans you like. You can also add peanuts, longan, red dates and lotus seeds, soak them for several hours in advance, and then cook porridge with an electric rice cooker. Even if the kitchen is small white, it can be easily done.

Coarse cereal soybean milk: Almost all coarse grains can be made into delicious grain soybean milk by soybean milk machine, which is especially suitable for breakfast and food taken late at night.

If you have confidence in your cooking skills, try it:

Coarse cereal pancakes: Many supermarkets now sell coarse cereal flour and soybean flour, which are suitable for making various soft pancakes. For example, soybean flour and corn flour can be mixed with flour to make coarse cereal pancakes, a famous Chinese snack.

If you add some eggs and milk, the taste will be pleasantly surprised.

If there is yeast in the home, it can also be made into soft and fragrant coarse cereal sponge cakes.

When food to eat:

    When stewing spareribs in summer, put some mung beans, which are fresh and delicious. When stewing bone soup in winter, put some barley to help digestion and increase flavor. Kidney beans are cooked into five flavors and are a good appetizer.

As for potatoes, there are more ways to eat them.

Roasted sweet potatoes and steamed purple potatoes can be used as rice, sugar-free and oil-free dried roasted sweet potatoes can be used as snacks, while potato beef, taro ribs, agaric fried yam… all are [delicious responsibilities] in home-cooked dishes.

In particular, I would like to remind you that after eating these beans, potatoes and coarse grains, you must eat less staple food.

    For example, if you eat sour and spicy potato shreds for this meal, you can eat less than half a bowl of rice. In summer, after drinking a bowl of mung bean paste, you should eat less rice and noodles.

After all, these foods are rich in starch, and even if they are made into vegetables, they are essentially staple food.