Ten Advantages and Ten Disadvantages of Being a Stay-at-Home Mother

Most people may not like stay-at-home mothers very much. They will think that stay-at-home mothers do not need to work, have no boss, and have no pressure from the workplace, but they can still live a relaxed, comfortable and even luxurious life. In fact, being a stay-at-home mother has both advantages and disadvantages.

1. To stay [stay] for a long time

Advantages: All-round Child Care

Stay-at-home mothers stay at home for a long time, so they can look after their children almost all the time. If the child accidentally sleeps himself in the wardrobe or falls down while playing, mothers can find out in time.

Disadvantages: It makes people feel bound,

Perhaps mothers like to accompany their children at home, but it is very likely that sometimes mothers still want to have their own time.

Therefore, for stay-at-home mothers, private space will be especially important.

2. Be inseparable from your children

Advantages: Not miss the moment when children grow up,

Stay-at-home mothers and their children are together almost 24 hours a day, so mothers will not miss any important moment in their children’s growth, such as the first time the children walk independently, the first time they speak, or even the first time they wrestle.

Disadvantages: No private space

Stay-at-home mothers rarely go alone. When the baby was young, mothers could not even go to the bathroom alone.

However, after a long time, stay-at-home mothers may get used to it.

Step 3: Don’t go out to work

Advantages: No workplace pressure

Stay-at-home mothers can devote themselves to the growth and education of their children without worrying about the evaluation of the company boss, the pressure of the workplace, the deadline of work, etc.

Disadvantages: Lack of social experience

As a result, stay-at-home mothers will miss the interaction with their colleagues, lose the satisfaction of successfully completing a work task, and lose the motivation to dress up carefully and go to work.

4. Take primary responsibility for raising children

Advantages: Raising children has a stronger sense of accomplishment,

Stay-at-home mothers spend a lot of time with their children, so mothers feel that they have enough time to cultivate and educate their children, instead of being like a hourly worker who comes and goes in a hurry.

Disadvantages: It is easy to immerse oneself in the world.

Stay-at-home mothers are more likely to immerse themselves in their own world because they have less contact with the outside world. At the same time, they also make their children have a little distance from the outside world.

Therefore, stay-at-home mothers had better actively communicate with other mothers and go out for dinner or afternoon tea from time to time to enhance their communication with the outside world.

5. Head of the Family

Advantages: Control everything in the home,

The stay-at-home mother is responsible for managing the family’s large and small affairs, including the payment of daily bills, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children’s daily life, etc. All the family affairs are under control.

Disadvantages: It is inevitable that other pressures will form.

Sometimes, stay-at-home mothers can’t help thinking: Why do all the chores in the family fall on their heads? Even if their spouse is the best partner in the world, mothers sometimes feel extremely stressed and face various difficulties.

6. Return to work

Advantages: It is not difficult to find another job,

Stay-at-home mothers can learn many ways to return their future to work through various channels. The current company boss is more open-minded than before and is more willing to accept the return of former stay-at-home mothers to work.

Disadvantages: Lack of work experience compared with peers,

When stay-at-home mothers get re-employed, they sometimes meet some bosses who don’t like them. These bosses will think that stay-at-home mothers caused losses to the company when they resigned.

In addition, when mothers return to work to compete for jobs, they may meet more younger and more experienced people than themselves.

7. Economic aspects

Advantages: Save household expenses

Stay-at-home mothers can save a lot of money for family expenses, such as child care fees, laundry fees or installation fees for workplace clothes, as well as dining out and beauty expenses.

Disadvantages: Reduce household income

A family could have been supported by the income of two people, but after becoming a stay-at-home mother, the whole family had only a fixed salary.

8. Facing Different Stresses

Advantages: Enjoy the task of caring for children,

If stay-at-home mothers enjoy all stages of their children’s growth very much, and even when their toddlers make all kinds of devastating moves, mothers can still smile, then the pressure on mothers at this time may be much less than raising children while working.

Disadvantages: May be defeated by pressure

Children may have various problems (such as fights, misconduct, etc.), and the family’s income is completely dependent on the other half, all kinds of [invisible pressure] may bring a lot of troubles to stay-at-home mothers.

Faced with these situations, mothers should learn how to turn pressure into motivation and live happily every day.

9. Life outside children

Advantages: Communicate with more stay-at-home mothers

If you can have the opportunity to meet more other stay-at-home mothers, you can organize dates with these friends, give yourself some space to relax, and at the same time exchange parenting experiences with each other.

Disadvantages: Lack of socializing at work

Compared with ordinary mothers, stay-at-home mothers will miss some work-related social activities, such as office parties, business talks and outings organized by the company.

10. Regular Living and Rest

Advantages: Work and rest rules

Stay-at-home mothers can better control the affairs of the whole family. Don’t worry about being woken up by the phone to go to work in the morning or having to stay up late to work overtime for meetings.

Disadvantages: Lack of New Ideas

The same routine can also be equated with boredom. Stay-at-home mothers do the same things repeatedly most of the time every day, which may bring some boredom.

To sum up, before quitting to become a stay-at-home mother, mothers had better consider all the above advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.