How do you prove that you are not mentally ill?

True and false mental illness, silly can’t tell?

In 1972, Stanford University psychology professor Rosenham wondered whether psychiatric diagnosis could withstand the test: would disguised mental patients be detected? He recruited eight normal people, and training: Pretend to have auditory hallucinations, Other normal, And do not do personal hygiene before admission, He smelled sour all over. Then he went to the psychiatric hospital with nine people. All were diagnosed with schizophrenia. After the results were released, A psychiatric hospital refused to accept, Let Rosenham put his horse on. Rosenham said, In the past three months, some normal people will be arranged to see a doctor to see if they can distinguish them. Three months later, the psychiatric hospital said it found 41 fake patients. Surprisingly, Rosenham did not arrange anyone to go. Experiments tell us that psychiatrists can hardly judge whether people who deliberately pretend to be ill are really ill. [mentally ill], should they resist? At present, there is no instrument that can objectively prove whether an individual is suffering from mental illness. You can only rely on psychiatrists to make subjective judgments based on objective symptoms, but symptoms can be fabricated. Then the question arises: If your family fabricates your symptoms and sends you to a mental hospital for financial benefits, how can you prove that you are not ill and leave the hospital as soon as possible? This is like a dead cycle: denying illness? It is one of the typical characteristics of schizophrenia. Admitting illness? Hurry up, the mental hospital is waiting for you! Repeatedly stressing that he is not ill? Psychiatrists will not buy it, because patients with severe mental disorders lack the ability to judge whether they are ill or not, and your words have no credibility. Fight fiercely? In doing so, you will leave the doctor with the impression of being excited, agitated and hurting people and destroying things. In addition, due to the risk of endangering society, the date of discharge may become a distant one. How can I prove that I am not mentally ill? Can we only be a submissive lamb? Don’t be afraid, Dr. Clove will help you. Hand in hand teaches you to prove that you are not ill in all aspects from the following 10 aspects. This is also the detail of psychiatrists’ assessment of whether patients suffer from schizophrenia: Sleep: Abide by the ward schedule. If you can’t sleep, Don’t wander around the ward, Not to mention making a fuss, It is recommended to squint in bed. Pretend to sleep well. Communication: When communicating with doctors and nurses, Attention should be paid to moderate speed and smooth intonation. According to the communication situation, Switch between active questions and passive answers at the right time. Emotion: Don’t be overly negative because of the betrayal of your closest relatives. You know, the most important thing for you now is to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Put aside your emotions for a while, Maintain a steady state of mind. Facial expression: Facial expressions should be coordinated with your words and deeds. In short, Tell a happy story with a smile, Unpleasant things show pain. Behavior: Re-examine your usual words and deeds, Whether it is consistent with the public, if there are some behaviors that may be suspected, please try to hide them. For example, some people like to stare at the roof to think before going to bed, remember not to do so, because mental patients sometimes like to stare at a certain place and fall into illusion. Language: Use the right words and don’t invent some new words with wisdom. The language should be appropriate and conform to the current dialogue. You cannot ask if you have eaten, but you say you went to the toilet. Not fictitious content, Don’t brag. Eye contact: Eyes should interact with medical staff, Don’t glance left and right when talking. Thinking and Logic: Consistent thinking, Logic must withstand scrutiny. Memory: Remember the name of the medical staff who treated you. Orientation ability: Can tell where you are currently in what, Can judge whether it is morning, afternoon or evening. The above 10 aspects, It’s easy for a normal person, So don’t worry too much, to let nature take its course, Actively cooperate with the work of medical staff. Unfortunately, 1. Don’t frequently explain that you are not sick. The credibility of what the mentally ill say is not high. Psychiatrists are required to start with details. Doctors and nurses will always observe the words and deeds of each new patient. Assess whether it is really sick, So don’t be afraid of being ignored, There will never be a day of discharge from the hospital. 2. Don’t worry too much about taking drugs. You may be required to take drugs when you enter the hospital. You can ask the patients around you how to Tibetan medicine or spit medicine. If the examination is more strict, Can’t escape, Don’t worry too much. After taking the medicine, you may feel weak and sleepy. However, it will not cause serious impact in the short term. 3. It is not recommended to try to escape. Every psychiatric hospital has three defenses: Anti-escape, anti-suicide, anti-wounding and anti-destruction. Psychiatric department has a set of anti-escape mechanism, If you try to escape, Being caught back is likely to be confined to a hospital bed. [Psychotic] Not so easy. Most schizophrenics cannot judge whether they are sick or not. The content of the statement is often not credible, The basis for diagnosis on admission is often from the guardian. However, Because of the risk of an individual [being mentally ill], Psychiatrists will also be more cautious, The diagnosis will not be based on what the family said, But will further verify the evaluation. Psychiatrists are not [vegetarian] either. Psychiatry has developed for more than 100 years. Symptomatology as the basis for diagnosis is very rich, If it weren’t for the patient’s rich knowledge of psychiatry, understanding of diagnosis and treatment procedures and superb acting skills, It will be detected in a short time. During the evaluation and observation, It doesn’t mean you’re [insane], It takes some time to judge the disease condition, This is the same as hospitalization observation for other diseases. If the patient cannot be diagnosed with mental illness, And has no tendency to be dangerous, Generally, they can be discharged from hospital within one week. National legislation prevents normal people from [being mentally ill]. The < < Mental Health Law > >, which came into operation on May 1, 2013, stipulates: If the individual does not have dangerous or wounding behavior, If not voluntarily, Psychiatric hospitals cannot admit patients for treatment. In case of wounding or dangerous behavior, Some hospitals consider that there may be a tendency to harm the society, It is also reasonable and legal to stay in hospital for observation. But he’ll be out of the hospital in a few days, And it doesn’t mean he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Even if he is misdiagnosed, It is also possible to apply to the original institution or other qualified psychiatric hospitals for re-diagnosis. Two other psychiatrists will re-evaluate. If there is any objection to the results of the re-diagnosis, We can also independently entrust an accreditation institution that has obtained professional qualifications according to law to carry out medical accreditation of mental disorders again. The real problem is that the number of people suffering from mental diseases has reached more than 100 million. There are about 16 million people suffering from severe mental disorders, but in fact there are not many cases of [being mentally ill]. At present, the problem in psychiatry is not that normal people [being mentally ill], but that about 70% of the people who are really ill have not received treatment, and many people do not realize that they are affected by mental diseases.