Ten mothers and eight long? Is there any specific medicine to deal with striae gravidarum?

What are you most afraid of when you are pregnant? In addition to getting fat out of shape, there are striae gravidarum.

Thinking of their bright and clean belly, they will soon be covered with watermelon pattern-like striae gravidarum. Mothers-to-be began to worry, asking for magic methods to prevent striae gravidarum.

It is said that about 80% of pregnant women will grow up? Really?

Is striae gravidarum due to the belly is too big and the skin is spread out, so there will be striae gravidarum?

Is it true that if the plaster to prevent striae gravidarum is applied in advance at the beginning of pregnancy, the striae gravidarum will not grow?

How did stretch marks grow? There are also what methods to prevent striae gravidarum. Dr. Fu Shibo will answer questions for everyone.

Everyone has tattoos, why is it different?

80% of mothers have striae gravidarum? This proportion is somewhat exaggerated, but in reality there are quite a few women with long striae gravidarum.

Mothers who have had or seen striae gravidarum may have found that some striae gravidarum are red to purple stripes, basically flat or slightly prominent. Some are pale stripes with relatively shrinking depressions.

In fact, purple and white striae gravidarum are normal and are the two stages of the occurrence and development of striae gravidarum.

In the first stage, the rapidly increasing uterus and fetus will cause the abdominal skin to be pulled, coupled with the sharp change of hormone level during pregnancy, the elastic fibers in the dermis layer will be broken, collagen fibers will be excessively deposited and inflammatory reactions will occur, causing vasodilation to form purple stripes in the acute stage.

However, with the delivery of the fetus and the recovery of hormone levels in the later period, the broken dermis will atrophy and the color of striae gravidarum will gradually become lighter and white.

Why do I have tattoos, but she doesn’t?

Many mothers in the past will say when talking about experience:

-You see, it is useless for me to wipe ointment every day to prevent it! It’s still tattooed! XX didn’t wipe anything and didn’t have a big stomach. I was very angry.

Is striae gravidarum favored by specific groups?

It is true. With the in-depth study of striae gravidarum, it is gradually found that a large part of striae gravidarum comes from heredity. If your mother has striae gravidarum when she is pregnant with you, you are more likely to have striae during pregnancy. On the contrary, if your mother’s belly is white, your probability of striae gravidarum is relatively small.

In addition to the influence of genetic factors, during pregnancy, the weight growth of fetus and pregnant women is too fast, the long-term use of hormone drugs by pregnant women, premature pregnancy, etc., will also affect whether and how many lines grow.

Therefore, weight control, avoiding long-term hormone use and late marriage and childbearing are all effective methods to prevent striae gravidarum.

Is there any specific medicine to prevent striae gravidarum?

Although it has been said that striae gravidarum is hereditary, I believe many expectant mothers will still try various [specific drugs] to prevent it.

Next, Dr. Clove will take you to have a look at these common types of prevention products on the market:

1. Olive oil, palm oil and cocoa butter: These products, which claim to prevent striae gravidarum, have all proved ineffective.

2. Retinoic acid: Clinical trials have proved to be effective and can also prevent purple lines (similar to the causes of striae gravidarum) caused by the rapid growth of teenagers. However, due to its teratogenic effect, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy.

3. Asiaticoside Cream, Silicone Preparation and Elastin Preparation: These three seemingly unknown clinical trials have proved to be effective, more effective and cheaper than olive oil, etc., and can also treat skin pruritus during pregnancy.

What should I do if I have striae gravidarum?

Some mothers said, What if I have grown up?

For mothers who have already developed striae gravidarum, it is actually very difficult to eradicate it, but there are still many ways to make striae gravidarum lighter and smaller.

1. Improvement methods for external use:

Retinoic acid can reduce striae gravidarum, but molting and erythema will occur in the first two months of use. In addition, external cream containing asiaticoside, rose hip oil, strong proline, vitamin E and other ingredients also has some effects, but they are not obvious.

2. Physiotherapy:

Common methods include photon pigment, radio frequency therapy, ultrasonic focusing, dot matrix laser, microcrystal grinding, including local injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). These regular medical and cosmetic treatment methods have indeed improved the generated striae gravidarum.

However, the effect will also vary from person to person. Judging from the existing treatment cases, the satisfaction of patients with the treatment effect can only be said to be general.

To sum up, in order to better prevent striae gravidarum, it is still necessary to control the weight growth during pregnancy. Don’t blindly believe in so-called big-name skin care products, don’t abuse drugs containing glucocorticoids, and the practical significance of late marriage and childbirth may be better than some so-called magic drugs.

Even if striae gravidarum does grow, mothers should not despair. Striae gravidarum will fade and lighten with the passage of time, and they can also choose the current technology to improve it.