Terrible! Chopsticks are inserted into the brain from the baby’s mouth!

We often see the news that babies are inserted into their brains with chopsticks. While such children’s accidents are painful, we should also know how to avoid and deal with them, and say that the injuries should be minimized.

Many netizens are worried about the injured baby, and the accident has also aroused heated discussions among netizens.

In fact, similar things have happened more than once or twice:

In the news comment area, I saw netizens’ opinions on dealing with such emergencies, and found that there were some unscientific statements and concepts. In this article, I am going to talk to the vast number of treasure parents from a medical point of view about how to deal with such children’s accidents.

What should parents do after the accident?

1. Quickly get out of the injury environment.

When the child is found injured, the child should be rescued from the injured environment and placed in a safe place. When moving, it is necessary to prevent secondary injuries.

2. Call 120 for help.

After confirming the safety of the surrounding environment, call 120 immediately. If there is more than one adult, you should seek first aid from the hospital as soon as you find the child injured.

3. Simply evaluate the injury and put the child in the correct position.

After the child is placed in a safe place, the severity of the injury should be preliminarily assessed, and the child should be placed in the correct posture and breathing should be ensured.

Take the news events, for example, chopsticks were inserted from the child’s mouth. When parents found out, the child’s mouth was still bleeding. At this time, let the baby lie down to the right, on the one hand, to avoid the root of the tongue falling back, bleeding can be discharged, not blocking the airway; On the other hand, it can also reduce the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from injured babies.

4. Calm the baby’s mood and observe closely.

If the baby is crying, he should try his best to appease the baby’s mood. Crying may aggravate the injury and is not conducive to the following rescue.

Parents should also closely observe the pulse and breathing of the injured baby. Once the pulse or breathing stops, artificial respiration and chest compressions should be performed immediately.

5. Parents should be calm and calm.

Parents often feel anxious and upset when they see a chopstick sticking into their children’s mouth. They may want to pull out the chopsticks when they are in a hurry. Can parents pull out the chopsticks? Absolutely not!

Because a slight movement of chopsticks may aggravate the damage, such as injury to brain functional areas or large blood vessels; Pull out chopsticks may also increase cerebrospinal fluid outflow, causing intracranial hypotension; In case the chopsticks are broken in the mind during the pull-out process, it will cause trouble to the doctor’s subsequent treatment… Any of the above, which happens, will have very bad consequences.

Therefore, in case of unexpected situations, parents must not panic. Calm treatment and professional treatment by doctors can ensure the maximum success rate and minimize injuries.

Why do such accidents occur frequently?

Children don’t know what is dangerous. They lack the ability to protect themselves, but they are full of curiosity about everything in the world, and what is eager to try. At this time, Bao’s parents should strengthen this awareness-I want to protect the baby’s safety and let the baby begin [exploration] of the world under a safe premise.

Home is supposed to be the safest and most comfortable place. However, the survey found that home is the place most prone to accidental injuries to children! Don’t think that you can relax your baby’s supervision at home-this is worth the attention of all treasure parents!

How to prevent similar injuries?

No one wants to see similar accidental injuries in children. Prevention is especially important.

Children between the ages of 1 and 3 want to do many things, but they do not understand many dangers. What they do is instinctive. If they do not take care of their children properly, they will be vulnerable. Therefore, this age group is also a period of high incidence of accidents.

1. Parents should create a safe living and playing environment for their babies.

Put sharp objects in the home, things that are easy to swallow by mistake, drugs and other things that are easy to cause injuries in places that are not easy for babies to touch. It is also worth reminding that some toys are “invisible killers” of children’s accidental injuries. Bao’s parents should pay attention to screening.

2. Parents should always pay attention to the baby’s behavior and stop some dangerous behaviors of the baby in time.

Try not to let children eat the food strung on the signature directly, and it is absolutely forbidden to run while eating, which is very prone to accidents.

3. Education is also a very important link.

Children should be told which are dangerous and which can be tried. Parents should have the ability to identify and foresee [dangers].

Of course, as the baby in this incident is still too young, the guardian’s supervision is still the most important.

Bao’s parents remember to slowly educate their children on safety as they grow up, so that they can form the awareness and ability to identify dangers.

Children are the best angels of their parents. I believe that Bao’s parents all want to create a good environment for their babies and let their babies grow up healthily and happily. Then Bao’s parents should learn more and take good care of their babies in life!