The air conditioner blows like this, which is neither harmful nor cool.

It’s… It’s angry… It’s good… It’s hot…

Empty… Tune… You… Go… Come…

Although I feel hot and cry when I walk outside for a while during the day, when I enter the room and turn on the air conditioner, I still think of what my mother and I said: Don’t always blow the air conditioner, it is not good for my health.

In fact, there is some truth in what my mother said. If the air conditioner is not blown correctly, it can really make me feel a little uncomfortable.

What’s wrong with blowing the air conditioner?

STEP 1 Catch a cold

When it soars by more than 30 degrees outside, if the indoor air conditioner is turned on too low, the body’s thermoregulatory center may not be able to adapt to this sudden temperature change, resulting in similar [catching cold] conditions, such as stuffy nose, runny nose, headache and even diarrhea.

2. [Cold]

Dry nasal cavity, its ability to resist germs will decline, at this time the probability of respiratory tract infection will also increase, the body may sneeze and other common cold symptoms, or pharyngitis, tonsillitis and so on.

Step 3: Allergy

If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate a large amount of dust, including various mites, bacteria and fungi. When we blow the air conditioner, the dust inside may come out with the wind, causing allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, etc. as allergens, and even asthma or pneumonia in serious cases.

4. [Dry]

The relative humidity of the wind blown out by the air conditioner is relatively low, which is easy to cause dryness of nasal cavity, throat and skin, thus causing epistaxis, rough skin, chapped skin, dry eyes, etc.

Air conditioner, blow or not?

So, it’s so hot, can’t you really blow the air conditioner?

It must not be!

My mother is not entirely right either. The air conditioner can still be blown. As long as the methods are in place, it can not only cool down, but also prevent heatstroke.

1. Before starting the machine for the first time every year, remember to ask professionals to thoroughly clean the air conditioner, at least once a year;

2. When turning on the air conditioner, avoid too large a temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, at least don’t let yourself get goose bumps indoors all the time.

3. Avoid letting the air conditioner blow directly on the body. You can wear a thin coat or a blanket.

4. Do not use the air conditioner for too long every time, especially when sleeping at night, do not turn on the air conditioner all night, and properly open windows for ventilation.

5. Use humidifier to ensure indoor humidity is between 40% and 60%;

6. Do a good job in skin moisturizing and form the habit of using hand cream and skin lotion.

7. Drink more water;

8. The bed sheets, quilts, carpets, curtains, etc. at home should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

But then again, we don’t need to keep the air conditioner on all the time. If the weather is not too hot, you can also use the electric fan occasionally, which is convenient and cool to use!