The appearance of these five symptoms may be due to the arrival of my great aunt.

Big aunt is a part of our women’s life. I don’t think anyone will say [no].

The numerous nicknames of the great aunt are enough to show her importance to us.

Ordinary Edition:Menstruation, monthly events, official holidays, physiological period.

Incomprehensible version:Nei, that, good friend, stomachache, something is coming, my relatives are coming.

Super Image Edition:Every month, the Red Army went down the mountain, Red River Valley, and blood collapsed. I can’t do that these days.

Literary Edition:The uterus cried ~

Some people may want to say [in fact, menstruation is like salary, once a month, not for a few days, not so many things.]

Friends who say this sentence, don’t [pretend], think about women’s menstruation hundreds of times in their whole life, how can they be so punctual and relaxed every time? If you encounter dysmenorrhea, you feel like writing a suicide note.

If menstruation is delayed, it will be bad. Isn’t it a hit? It’s not what, is it?

However, it is also bad when I come to my big aunt, isn’t it? Look at what women looked like before I came to my great aunt.

Emotional swings, [picky]

I believe many women have such experiences. Before menstruation, they always feel upset, impatient or sad. They are always easily angered by a little thing and easily get up with their families.

Some studies have shown that the vast majority of women’s violent crimes and suicides occur before menstruation and within 7-8 days of menstruation.

Therefore, be sure to warn the people around you, [Don’t mess with me, I’m going to do something].

The men who read this article must remember, don’t annoy the big aunt who is coming soon or the women who have already come. They want to control themselves, but sometimes they really can’t.

Breast pain, [very worried]

Breasts are sensitive to changes in hormones in the body, especially changes in estrogen and progesterone. Before menstruation, breast tubes will expand and congestion, and before menstruation, estrogen and progesterone levels will decrease, and symptoms of breast distending pain will mostly disappear. For people who suffer from breast distending pain before each menstruation, there is no need to worry too much.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that for women with hyperplasia of mammary glands, the symptoms of pain may worsen one week before menstruation.

An appetite has gone up [down]

Before menstruation, many women will have the posture of “having a big appetite to eat an elephant”. As to why this is the case, there is no particularly good explanation.

Some people say that [this is the body’s preparation for blood collapse and accumulation of energy]. It sounds quite reliable, but who knows? Anyway, it is an increase in appetite, want to eat, want to eat…

Eat more, no problem, but remember to exercise, or you will be sad for a while looking at the electronic scale.

Swelling of legs and feet [suspected illness]

Before menstruation, some women will appear edema of lower legs and ankles. Usually [swelling] is bilateral and will not cause pain or affect walking. This [swelling] will appear and disappear along with the menstrual cycle. It is not a disease but a normal physiological phenomenon.

If the swelling of legs and feet is unilateral and has obvious pain, then don’t be careless. It may be venous thrombosis. At this time, you must look for a vascular surgeon or a general surgeon.

Edema may also be the cause

Have a bad stomach [comfort]

Belly discomfort actually includes many different manifestations, such as lower abdominal pain, abdominal distension, constipation or diarrhea, lower abdominal distension, etc. Different women may have different manifestations before menstruation.

Every time you have stomach discomfort, you must have complained to him [stomach discomfort]. The silly man may also ask you [is it stomach discomfort? It’s not bad.

At this point, you must think to yourself, silly! [Stomach Discomfort] = [Asking for Comfort] Stupid Death!

Other kinds of discomfort

In addition to the five common symptoms mentioned above, some people will also suffer from acne, arthralgia, headache, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and other symptoms before menstruation.

Doctors call this series of manifestations [premenstrual syndrome], and believe that changes in hormone levels such as estrogen and progesterone are the main causes of [premenstrual syndrome]. However, these manifestations gradually disappear after menstruation, so don’t worry too much.