The house is clean and healthy. Look at the 8 skills of foreigners in tidying up the house.

A clean and tidy living environment can not only make you feel better, but also be of great benefit to your health. Here are some tips from foreign tidying masters to easily make your home cleaner.

One, don’t litter clothes

Every time you go home and change your clothes, put away the dirty clothes first, whether you hang them on the clothes rack, or put them in the laundry basket or washing machine, in short, have a fixed place. Throw them casually on the sofa, chair and floor, and then you will only spend more time to clean them up.

Two, don’t hoard things

Sometimes, when we see cheap things, we can’t help hoarding them. However, if we buy too many things, we will not only take up more space and make tidying up the room troublesome, but also will probably not use them for a while. When we want to use them, we will find that they have expired. Whether it is food or daily necessities, we will buy as much as we need.

Three, use up conveniently tidy up

Whether it’s cooking, washing, reading and writing, or using the dresser, it takes only one minute to clean up everything every time you use it. For example, after brushing your teeth, dry the water on the sink and clean up the hearth after you finish your meal. However, if you let things get more and more messy and dust accumulate over time, it will take a lot of effort to clean it when you can’t stand it.

Four, keep the bed clean and tidy

Get up every day and spend two or three minutes making the bed. Don’t pile up sundries on the bed, the bed is for sleeping, don’t pile books and clothes on the bed, it looks untidy, don’t say, things accumulated dust will also affect your health.

Five, wash the dishes after the meal

Don’t pile up the bowls until the next day or even the third day to wash them. Wash and dry the used bowls as soon as possible, and put them in the cupboard or disinfection cabinet. If you wait until the dishes have piled up into a hill, you will be exhausted at a glance.

Six, frequently change dishwashing cloth

Dishwashing cloth, dishwashing sponge is really very dirty things. It is recommended to prepare at least two or three pieces of dishwashing cloth and use them in turns. After using them every day, they are washed with disinfectant and dried. Don’t feel melodramatic, covered with oil stains. The dishwashing cloth for leftovers is a hotbed of many germs including Escherichia coli.

Seven, use up the towel to dry up

Towels should be aired after they are used up. Don’t throw them on sofas and chairs casually, otherwise they will easily mold in the south and are not conducive to health.

Eight, take out garbage every day

Perhaps some people think it is a bit unnecessary to say this. Who doesn’t know that garbage should be poured out every day? However, not everyone can do it. Garbage, especially kitchen garbage, will not only stink after being piled up for a long time, but also a hotbed for bacteria, cockroaches and mice. Especially if you have pets, you must take out the garbage every day, otherwise…

After reading so much, in fact, to sum up, it takes only a little time every day to do these small details well, which not only makes the living environment cleaner and the life healthier, but also avoids the heavy burden of [cleaning].