The best age for childbearing is this period of time. Have you missed it?

Today’s young people are a generation overwhelmed by housing prices. They still cannot afford to buy a house, get married or have children after working hard every day.

I wanted to have a certain economic foundation to have children, but I was given birth by my parents and my three aunts and six grandmothers: [Hurry up and find someone, you can’t have children when you get old! [Give birth quickly! More than 35 babies are not smart! ] …

Unmoved you, be careful to be punctured by your parents all your condoms!

So when is what the most suitable time to have children?

Dr. Clove came to talk to you.

The sooner the better?


Having children between the ages of 18 and 24 can be regarded as a real [little mommy].

Some have not finished their studies, some have just graduated from work and cannot even support themselves, and some have just got married and have not been adjusted. It is not the most appropriate time to have children.

However, having children during this period of time also has its advantages, such as invincible energy, good physical condition and low probability of quick abortion.

25 ~ 35 years old is the best time to give birth.

The psychology of expectant mothers at this age has gradually become mature, the economic conditions have improved, and the relationship between husband and wife is relatively stable.


    During this period, the body function was in a relatively good state. The probability of having healthy babies is higher.

Women aged 25 ~ 35 years old have mature bodies. The bone calcification is complete, the pelvis is further widened, and the egg quality is good.

Therefore, the probability of premature delivery and abortion during pregnancy, pregnancy-induced hypertension and accidents during delivery are relatively low, and the recovery of the body is relatively fast.

In addition, some studies have found that women aged 25-35 have a lower probability of giving birth to Down’s fetus, and the older the age, the higher the risk.

This is not difficult to understand. The longer the seeds are kept in the warehouse, the greater the possibility of quality decline caused by pollution. After all, the ovarian warehouse is not always young.

Based on these considerations, if there is a plan to give birth, then in this age range, it should be the optimal choice.

What if you are over 35?

Over the age of 35, the physical condition is beginning to decline.

At this time, there are [three highs] in childbirth: it is difficult to conceive; High probability of abortion; The risk of fetal genetic defects is high.

Moreover, physical recovery is not as easy as that around the age of 30.

Although it is not easy, it does not mean that it cannot.

It is not uncommon for stars to give birth beyond the best age, and the babies they give birth to are also very healthy, such as Yi Nengjing, Zhang Ziyi and Liu Ruoying.

Stars generally do not have to worry financially, so the money invested in childbirth and the advanced measures adopted should be difficult for us ordinary people to follow.

But what we can learn from stars is their strict requirements for their own bodies.

STEP 1 Maintain good living habits

Scientific diet, control weight and blood sugar.

Stay away from alcohol and tobacco, these two guys are big killers of sperm and egg quality.

Step 2: Exercise properly

Choose your favorite exercise style and keep a certain amount of exercise every week to keep your body in a better state.

Do a good job in the above two points, even if you have entered the [older] team, you don’t have to worry about the problem of childbirth all day long.

To sum up, it is not good to have children too early or too late, and it is best to be 25-35 years old.

At the same time, Dr. Clove thought of a very serious question. Before giving birth, there is a task. This task is very difficult and important, and it is related to whether you can give birth to a baby. That is:

Find the child’s father/mother.