The Best Sports in Spring-Flying Kites

There will always be a kite in everyone’s life and a story of flying kites.

This traditional leisure and entertainment program is very popular. We all hope to follow the simplicity and purity of [flying kites in the sky and chasing people on the ground] regardless of nationality, race, age and age.

Today we will talk about the benefits and precautions of flying kites.

What is good about flying kites?

Step 1 Rest your eyes

If you watch too many mobile phones and computers, you will inevitably feel a little tired in your eyes. This is because if you stare at a close object for a long time, the muscles and ciliary muscles in your eyes will be in a state of tension and fatigue. If this happens for a long time, we will gradually become unable to see clearly what is nearby.

The solution to this problem is to look at the distance from time to time. In order to see the distance clearly, the ciliary muscles will relax, which is an opportunity to rest and recuperate.

As for how far is it? How far can we have a good rest for our ciliary muscles? It’s like a flying kite.

Of course, it is also a great achievement to temporarily let the eyes leave the irradiation of electronic equipment.

Step 2 Relax the neck muscles

Looking up at the sky at an angle of 45 may not make us more artistic or cure cervical spondylosis, but it can definitely relax the increasingly stiff neck muscles.

When we are in [office study posture] for a long time, that is, bowed their heads at their desks, making study posture, or stretching their necks straight in front of the computer to look at the screen shape, several muscles behind and on the side of the neck are in a state of continuous stretching or tension, which is prone to muscle fatigue, acid, swelling and pain. This has always been an unspeakable pain for students and office workers.

When looking up at the kite, the normally stretched muscles can be shortened and the normally tense muscles can be relaxed.

3. Soothing and gentle outdoor exercise

Flying kites is very interesting. Two people can fly kites, one can fly kites, run and walk. This has something to do with the types of kites, the size of the wind force and the skills of kite flying people.

However, the key point of this matter is to put it outdoors and also to put it in activities.

This outdoor activity will not make people too tired and hysterical. It just requires gentle running, walking, twisting waist, pressing shoulders, pulling lines, moving in silence, moving in silence, gracefully mobilizing the muscles of the whole body and subtly exercising the coordination of the body. Besides, basking in the sun can also promote calcium absorption.

In this way, I don’t feel boring or boring at all. I exercise easily and melt into the fresh nature.

How flies a kite gracefully?

Step 1 Avoid cuts

Common kite string materials include cotton thread, cowhide thread, glass thread, nylon, etc. The threads are strong, slender and light. When the kite takes off, the threads are pulled out quickly and given a very high speed. After the kite takes off, the seemingly curved threads are actually in a [tight] state and given a strong force. At this time, both speed and force can turn the originally soft threads around the fingers into merciless sharp knives.

People who fly kites need to be aware of the danger of the kite string. They can wear gloves to protect themselves when flying and avoid wrapping the kite string directly around their hands.

After the kite lifts off, you should clearly know the position of your kite string in what, and always pay attention to the surrounding environment to prevent the nearly [invisible] kite string from cutting passers-by.

Step 2: Sunscreen

Sun protection is not limited to flying kites. All long-term outdoor sports should pay attention to sun protection, and sun protection is a matter of gender, age and age.

Sunburn here refers to ultraviolet sunburn. Ultraviolet rays are in the sun and cannot be seen or touched, but they do have the ability to damage the skin. Strong ultraviolet rays in a short period of time will cause skin burns. If exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the possibility of [skin cancer] will be increased.

Compared with cosmetic sun protection, physical protection is simpler and more effective, such as wearing long-sleeved trousers and sun protection caps.

Step 3 Protect your eyes

Flying kites is an excellent opportunity to rest your eyes, but it also depends on the situation. For example, if the sun’s light is too strong, it will also hurt your eyes.

Human eyes cannot withstand too bright light stimulation. There is also a corresponding protection mechanism in the eyes to avoid strong stimulation caused by strong light: for example, under the irradiation of strong light, the pupil will shrink, which is to restrict the entry of strong light and reduce the damage caused by strong light to the retina.

However, the effect of this protection mechanism is very limited and cannot provide protection for a long time. It is recommended to wear sunglasses to protect our retina.

Step 4 Pay Attention to High Voltage Wire

Legend has it that scientist Franklin flew a kite and let lightning hit him intentionally in order to prove [lightning is electricity]. Fortunately, we do not need to repeat this legendary experiment.

We will definitely not provoke lightning. The focus is on power supply lines, such as high-voltage wires. Generally speaking, kite strings should be insulated physically, that is, they are not electrified. In fact, this insulation is relative. If the voltage is large enough, there can still be current passing through the kite strings and hitting the person holding the kite strings.

There is a clear stipulation in the Regulations on the Protection of Power Facilities that no unit or individual is allowed to fly kites in the area of 300 meters on both sides of the overhead power line conductor. That is to say, we are far away from the power supply line.

5. Choose an open and flat field

As for the selection of venues, one is to have a place to start, the other is not to be bumped and injured, and the third is to have a small flow of people. As mentioned above, once the kite lifts off, the relatively stationary kite string is almost [invisible]. If there are too many pedestrians, it is easy to be cut by the kite string.

No matter how the venue is chosen, ensuring the safety of oneself and others is the first thing.

Flying kites is really an excellent way to fully release the humbled mood (it doesn’t count if you can’t fly it). When watching the kite flying by hand break through the sky and fly into the clouds, the sense of accomplishment and the pleasure of being released are more real than what’s [shouting at the sky].

Why don’t you and I make an appointment to fly a kite gracefully? I will bring kites and you will bring the east wind.