Drinking water also makes you fat? In fact, drinking water correctly can reduce weight.

You must have said that you [get fat even by drinking water], didn’t you?

This is not to blame God for not opening his eyes. You are to blame for not drinking the right water for getting fat. Scientific research shows that drinking water correctly can help you lose weight.

How to drink water to lose weight?

Key 1. Drink water half an hour before meals.

Key 2. Drink two glasses of water at a time, totaling 500ml.

Before eating, two glasses of water, 500 milliliters, one mouthful stuffy. First fill yourself with water. Remember not to go to the toilet to drain water, this can help you suppress full feeling. Moreover, drinking water has an impact on the cerebral cortex and can reduce appetite.

If you drink water to suppress your appetite before each of your three meals a day, you can eat up to 225 kilocalories less a day. This is a calorie that takes half an hour to run.

Key 3. Drink normal temperature water or ice water at about 20 ℃.

The study shows that the habit of drinking water before meals can effectively increase the metabolic rate of the body by 30% and maintain it for 30-40 minutes. People who insist on drinking water according to this method before breakfast, lunch and dinner can lose 2-3 kg more on average than those who do not drink water before meals for 3 months.

Key 4. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Can effectively reduce energy intake. Suppose a person drinks a bottle (500ml) of iced black tea every day, each bottle of 200 kilocalories; If plain boiled water without calories is used instead, the caloric intake will be reduced by 1,400 kilocalories at the end of a week, and if accumulated to one year, it will be able to gain nearly 10 kilograms of calories.

Key 5. Drink water when under pressure.

When you are nervous, excited or feel stressed, you can drink a few big saliva to calm your mood. In fact, it is a good way. Studies have found that people in a state of tension and pressure do not have a good relief and are easy to promote fat synthesis, commonly known as [stress fat]; Adequate drinking water can enhance positive emotions and reduce stress.

It is a good habit for some people to drink water when they are under pressure. In contrast, other people feel that they must eat and eat when they are under pressure, and they must eat a lot of sweet things, don’t they? Only by coping with pressure correctly can we help lose weight.

Key 6. Drink less water before going to bed.

If you don’t want to get up early the next day and suffer from edema, drink as little water as possible before going to bed. In addition, drinking too much water will cause you to get up at night and will greatly reduce your sleep.

There are tips for drinking more water.

Step 1 Taste

Don’t like bland plain boiled water?

Cut a few slices of fresh lemon, orange, kumquat and passion fruit, or pick a few slices of mint and soak them in water, or soak tea leaves and tea bags. There is no calorie burden, and plain boiled water will become delicious. For those who like coffee, considering their caffeine tolerance, they can drink pure black coffee.

2. Drink Water Reminder App

App is installed in the mobile phone to remind people to drink water and to record every day. Some apps also have the function of donating drinking water to water-deficient areas. Isn’t it good to offer love incidentally?

Do you drink soup to lose weight?

As the saying goes: Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy.

The reason for this is actually similar to drinking water. Drinking a bowl of soup half an hour before meals can also help lose weight.

However, it must be light and less oily soup, such as tremella soup, red bean soup, mung bean soup, thin rice soup, laver soup, etc. If it is chicken soup or broth, you must skim off the excess oil before drinking.

And be sure to drink before meals. Drinking soup while eating has no effect. If you drink a bowl of soup [filling seams] after you are full of wine and food, you will gain weight instead.

Some friends listened to the words “drink soup to lose weight” and excitedly started the weight loss method of only drinking soup but not eating. This is very wrong and easy to suffer from malnutrition.