The child suddenly grew up? Watch out for children’s precocious puberty

Precocious puberty of children is a medical problem as well as a social problem.

In the movie “The Killer Is Not Too Cold”, little girl Mathilde has a classic line: [I am already mature enough, I just get old.] We can take this sentence as a footnote to children’s precocious puberty: precocious puberty means premature aging.

Of course, it is inappropriate to give this example. Mathilde is only mentally precocious, not sexually precocious.

I. Manifestations of Precocious Puberty in Children

Medical definition of precocious puberty in children is: girls are 8 years old and boys are 9 years old when secondary sexual characteristics mature, such as reproductive organ development, pubic hair and axillary hair growth, breast enlargement, menstrual cramps, etc.

As a parent, Attention should be paid to the observation of children’s physical changes and sexual organ development changes during their growth. If the start is too early, the process is especially rapid or even complicated with central pathological changes such as headache, vomiting, visual field defect, etc., the doctor must see a doctor in time to help judge whether it is precocious puberty, whether it is central (true) precocious puberty, peripheral (pseudo) precocious puberty, or idiopathic precocious puberty, and how to treat it.

It should be noted that the so-called [early] puberty is a relative concept, and the definition of the age of precocious puberty is not absolute. Human growth and development is a continuous process, and it is difficult to determine the absolute boundary between the normal and precocious time when puberty begins.

Second, the three major hazards of children’s precocious puberty

In real life, some parents don’t pay much attention to children’s precocious puberty, and even think that it is a by-product of the times of social development. This is a big mistake. Children’s precocious puberty has at least the following three major hazards:

1. Although the height of children increases suddenly in a short period of time, due to premature bone development, premature epiphysis closure and shortened growth cycle, the average height of children with short stature and precocious puberty in adulthood is only about 155 cm ~ 160 cm without treatment.

2. [Hua Yuan is afraid of himself, but he is not afraid of it]. Premature development will bring serious social and psychological burden to children whose actual age is not yet mature.

Different body shapes often lead them to be discriminated against and rejected by their peers, which is easy to induce depression, anxiety, inferiority complex and fear and has long-term adverse effects on their mental health in the future. In addition, children with precocious puberty already have the same reproductive ability as adults, but they lack mature psychology, poor self-control ability and little social experience, which may lead to early love and premature sexual behavior, and then lead to the risks of early pregnancy, abortion and infectious diseases, bringing them more physical and psychological destruction.

3. Some children’s precocious puberty is caused by specific diseases, such as intracranial tumors, ovarian tumors, testicular tumors, etc. If they are not diagnosed and treated in time, they may lead to more serious consequences and even endanger their lives.

Three, children’s precocious puberty examination

The following is a brief introduction to the examination of precocious puberty in children and its significance. Those who are not interested please skip it by themselves:

1. The level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in basic state has important screening value. If LH < 0.1 iu lh= “” > 5.0 IU/L, it is almost certain that there is central activation.

2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (-HCG) and alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) are the basic screening contents, which is an important clue to identify the presence or absence of HCG-secreting germinoma.

3. Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) stimulation test is an important examination method for those whose gonadal axis function has been activated but basic LH does not increase.

Excitation peak LH > 5.0 IU/L is the boundary point for judging true sex development. At the same time, LH/FSH ratio > 0.6 indicates central precocious puberty. However, if the stimulation peak is mainly follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), or the LH/FSH ratio is low, combined with clinical practice, it may be the early stage of simple breast development or central precocious puberty, and the latter needs regular follow-up and repeated examination.

4. Ultrasound of reproductive system is helpful to judge whether it has entered the state of puberty development. The sign of female is unilateral ovarian volume ≥ 1 ml, and multiple follicles with diameter > 4 mm can be seen. The sign of male gonad development is testicular volume ≥ 4 ml, which increases progressively with the course of disease.

5. Bone age examination has no specificity for distinguishing central and peripheral precocious puberty, but it is an important basis for predicting adult height and specifying medication indications.

6. If central precocious puberty is diagnosed or suspected, head CT or MRI examination is helpful to find the lesion.

Four, precautions for parents of precocious puberty children

For children’s precocious puberty, the doctor’s job is to synthesize all kinds of information to make a clear diagnosis and determine the treatment plan. However, parents and friends can and must pay attention to more things.

1. Avoid children’s contact with content beyond their psychological age in life. Some inappropriate language and pictures will have unexpected effects on children’s sexual germination and awakening of sexual consciousness, and may even lead to children’s precocious puberty.

2. Limit the intake of foods containing preservatives and pigments, such as fried and puffed foods, and avoid eating vegetables and fruits that may be contaminated by pesticides;

3. Avoid exposing children to drugs and cosmetics containing sex hormones. There have been reports of precocious puberty caused by boys applying testosterone-containing ointment from their fathers, and breast development and vaginal bleeding caused by girls mistakenly taking contraceptives as sugar pills.

4. Many environmental endocrine disruptors, such as phthalate esters and other plasticizers, have very clear hazards of precocious puberty. Parents must be careful when choosing toys, utensils, raincoats and other plastic products for children.

5. Develop a good life and rest to ensure children’s adequate sleep.

5. Summary

The consequences of precocious puberty in children are very serious. You may as well think of the picture in < < the killer is not too cold > >. The immature and innocent Mathilde told Lyon, “Leon, I think I’m kinda falling in love with you.” (Leon, I think I’m kinda falling in love with you)

Fortunately, it was a kind uncle with a cold appearance and a simple heart who saved her and what she [loved], rather than a street problem of juvenile who suffered similar life experiences. Otherwise, the future story would not be so stirring and might become the tragic experience of pheasant and Tai Mei in the series of “gangster”.

Author: Zhang Zheng