The child’s head is bruised, how to do?

What if the child’s head is bruised?

Step 1 Observe

After the child falls down and touches his head, don’t rush to pick up or move the child. Watch carefully for 10 minutes in a safe environment. When the child behaves as follows, it may not be a big deal:

    Stay awake and react normally. Have a normal face; The spirit and consciousness are normal, and there is no lethargy or extra listlessness. Both hands and feet can move freely. After a short cry due to pain or shock, it returns to normal, usually not more than 10 minutes. In a few cases, pain and crying may cause the child to vomit 1-2 times, which will disappear with the relief of pain and the cessation of crying.

Step 2: Cold compress

If the child is not seriously affected or bleeding, it is OK to apply cold compress to the bruised part properly, which can reduce local bleeding and swelling.

3. Immediately seek medical treatment in case of any of the following circumstances

(1) Persistent headache and crying

If the child’s headache persists or even gradually worsens, it may indicate that there is a problem. For babies who cannot express themselves yet, they may cry incessantly due to extreme discomfort.

(2) Frequent vomiting

The number of vomiting is more than 2 times, or vomiting still occurs several hours after injury, even with a tendency to worsen gradually, or jet vomiting occurs.

(3) Abnormal sensation or activity

There are unstable walking, limb weakness on one side, sensory abnormalities, blindness or vision loss, sudden strabismus, inaudible ears, inaudible speech, etc.

(4) Changes in mind and consciousness

Inaccurate answer to questions, lethargy, difficulty waking up after sleep, or coma, etc.

Common Mistakes about Head Bruising

Rub and rub bruises with safflower oil, sesame oil and other chemicals, which can easily lead to hematoma enlargement and secondary injury. For bruises, cold compress is appropriate.

How to prevent the baby from bruising his head?

1. When children play outside, parents should try their best to do a good job of supervision and safety protection, and try their best to avoid children playing in places where they may fall or fall.

2. Be careful to fall down stairs or bed at home.