Only when you eat coarse grains in this way can you eat the real nutritional value.

Coarse grains are healthy, and eating methods are very important.

Coarse grains play an important role in preventing diabetes, hypertension, obesity, constipation and other diseases. The more people eat coarse grains, the lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Moreover, coarse grains can also promote digestive tract health and improve defecation.

The health of coarse grains, Because it is rich in various nutrients and dietary fiber, There is very little fat, and there is not too much sugar and salt. Although people already know the benefits of coarse grains, there are still some ways to eat coarse grains. Some people add a lot of flour, starch or pigment, such as various court steamed corn-bread, fine buckwheat cakes, etc. in order to make coarse grains with poor color and rough quality delicious and good-looking. Some people also make coarse grains into snacks, use a lot of oil to improve the taste and texture, and use a lot of sugar to tempt taste buds. There is also the method of frying, which introduces a large amount of fat and loses a large amount of vitamins and other nutrients in coarse grains. Is there any what problem in cooking porridge with coarse grains? What about porridge? Porridge is light and easy to digest. It is absolutely right to cook porridge with coarse grains. Why does cooking porridge also damage the health characteristics of coarse grains? The problem is the glycemic index. Many people like to drink porridge that is very soft, rotten and sticky. In such porridge, The starch in coarse grains is fully gelatinized and the glycemic index becomes very high. What we say is coarse grains suitable for diabetics. It is precisely because of its low glycemic index. If coarse grains are boiled into porridge, such benefits will be lost a lot. Therefore, coarse grains are best steamed [dry rice]. The healthiest and most delicious way to eat coarse grains is to eat coarse grains dry rice, which is monotonous to think about. As a food, one must cook it well! I’d like to share some of my delicious experiences with you. Put cereals and beans at 3: 1 or 2: 1, Soak overnight. Cereals can be oats, barley rice, coix seed, coix seed, etc. Beans I prefer red beans, kidney beans, etc. Then put the soaked coarse grains into the electric rice cooker. According to the normal cooking procedure, Cook it well. In order to make the coarse grain rice more delicious and beautiful, I usually add some sweet, soft and glutinous potatoes. Such as sweet potatoes and purple potatoes. If you want to be more gorgeous, Peanuts, medlar, raisins and the like can also be added. Steamed with coarse grains, the whole pot of rice is delicious and gorgeous, delicious enough to stop. Moreover, coarse grains rice is very sad, because it is too full, very easy to be full. It is not only necessary for diabetics to control blood sugar, but also an artifact to control weight. Recently, I ate coarse grains rice with my grandmother suffering from diabetes, and I really lost weight.