The five major changes after giving birth to the baby, see if you have won?

It is said that heroes do not mention courage in those days. In fact, good women are not.

Once the lithe and graceful figure, tender skin, after giving birth to the baby, as if everything has become a thing of the past.

Today, Dr. Clove summed up the five major changes after delivery. Have you been successful?

Breast changes

Under the action of hormones, in the early pregnancy, mothers’ breasts begin to get bigger. And with the postpartum breast lactation, the cup is rubbing up, many precious mothers can increase 2 ~ 3 cups (is it very happy? ).

At the same time, the areola will also increase, the color will darken, and there will be some small protrusions. Baoma should not feel ugly. These small protrusions are called [Montgomery’s nodules], which can secrete oil to moisten the nipples and avoid chapped nipples.

As weaning slowly, the breast will be [beaten back to its original shape], and its size, areola, etc. will return to the appearance before the baby was conceived.

Perhaps some precious mothers will find that after weaning, they will not only stop [choppy], but also have sagging breasts.

In fact, breast sagging cannot be blamed on the nursing head. With the passage of time, breast sagging is an irreversible result. Dr. Clove reminded Baoma to breast-feed more during lactation and avoid rapid weaning, which can minimize the degree of breast sagging.

Striae gravidarum

After unloading, many Baoma not only lost their once flat lower abdomen, but also found dense and winding striae gravidarum.

Although the cause of striae gravidarum is still unclear, heredity, hormone level and skin traction are all closely related.

Among these three factors, we can’t change the genetic and hormone levels. What Baoma can control is the degree of skin traction.

During pregnancy, Baoma’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the abdominal skin is also pulled along with it, which will cause skin fiber rupture. The faster the weight gain during pregnancy, the heavier the newborn’s weight, the easier it is to grow striae gravidarum.

What precious mothers should pay attention to is to control their weight during pregnancy and not to let their stomachs grow too big.

Perhaps some precious mothers will ask:

The striae gravidarum has already grown, can it be removed?

Unfortunately, once striae gravidarum is formed, it is difficult to completely remove it. Therefore, the next time Baoma sees the magic product that claims to remove striae gravidarum, they should make a detour.

A little comfort is that at first it is purplish red striae gravidarum, which will slowly turn silvery white with the passage of time, and will not be visible in the future.

If you really mind the striae gravidarum on your belly, you can go to the beauty dermatology department of a regular hospital to consult a doctor. Lattice laser or frequency therapy is helpful to dilute striae gravidarum.

Postpartum alopecia

Because hormone secretion during pregnancy is exuberant, hair grows more and loses less. Postpartum hormone secretion drops, hair people begin to [strike] one after another. Fortunately, after six months, hormone levels stabilize again, postpartum alopecia will basically stop slowly, and when the baby is one year old, Baoma’s hair will slowly grow back.

For the trouble of postpartum alopecia, the following three suggestions may be helpful:

1. Keep scalp clean;

2. Use a wide-toothed comb when combing your hair, and do not pull your hair.

3. Change the hairstyle, fluffy hairstyle will appear more hair, for example, fluffy and aging short hair is a good choice.

Urinary incontinence

Some precious mothers, especially those who give birth smoothly, find themselves sneezing and coughing after giving birth to their babies, and there will be a very embarrassing situation: urine leaks out.

This is urinary incontinence caused by muscle relaxation at the bottom of the pelvis. The solution to this minor embarrassment can be done by [Kegel Exercise]. This exercise is also effective in improving vaginal relaxation. It can be done from pregnancy and is worth a try.

Click Read to let you resume [firming] exercise below.

Of course, if it is serious urinary incontinence, or if you have done [Kegel Exercise] and have not found any improvement for several weeks, consult a urologist as soon as possible.

The buttocks and feet get bigger.

Because of the relaxation of pelvic ligaments and the accumulation of fat on the buttocks in preparation for delivery in the third trimester of pregnancy, many precious mothers have found that the buttocks have become bigger.

As for the big feet, part of it is related to the retention of water and sodium and the increase of blood volume in the third trimester of pregnancy, which can be recovered within a few days after delivery. In addition, it may also be due to another more sad reason:

I have gained weight, and I am very evenly fat.

Perhaps some precious mothers want to quickly lose their postpartum weight and restore their lithe and graceful figure. However, Dr. Clove suggests that everyone should step by step and lose 0.5 ~ 1kg per week is more appropriate.

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