Can’t sleep well in dreams? Good sleep is actually a standard.

When it comes to sleep quality, your heart may look like this…

I always wake up at night, sleep later and later, dream as soon as I close my eyes, change my spirit as soon as I go to bed, and sleep quality… sleep quality is basically poor.

Yes, the thought of not sleeping well last night has made the whole person irritable since the morning.

Everyone wants to take a look at it. During the day, the efficiency becomes lower and the memory becomes worse. Suddenly, I feel that it is very difficult to be a human being and life is not easy.

However, do you really have poor sleep quality?

This is really not certain.

Sleep efficiency greater than 80% is good.

Perhaps you have heard the word [sleep efficiency] (if you have not heard it, you have heard it here), but its definition is very simple.

Sleep Efficiency = Sleep Time/Time in Bed

If this result is greater than 85%, it is normal, and if it can reach 90%, it is already very good.

Suddenly feel that their sleep quality is a bit good?

This is also why for people who really have sleep problems, reducing the time in bed can improve sleep efficiency.

However, for such a complicated matter as sleeping, a simple formula may not completely answer your doubts.

For example, you also want to ask…

I can’t fall asleep with my head on the pillow. Is it not good sleep?


On the contrary, if you fall asleep as soon as you get a pillow, it may mean that you are really [short of sleep]. In the case of lack of sleep, sleep efficiency will indeed become higher and sleep time will be shorter.

For most healthy adults, falling asleep within 30 minutes is normal.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Did I not sleep well?

Nor is it.

Night sleep can be divided into several cycles. At the end of each sleep cycle, it is often accompanied by a short awakening, which may be too short for most people to realize.

It is normal to wake up in the middle of the night for no more than 5 minutes.

I always dream, is it not good sleep?

Normal people dream!

In the sleep cycle, there is a sleep stage called REM sleep stage, during which dreaming often occurs.

Most people have 3-5 dreams every night, and most of them may have 7 dreams a night (if you are afraid of 7 times a night).

However, for most people, even if they have dreams, they will soon forget that they have had dreams and what dreams. If you are woken up during REM sleep, it is easier to remember dreams.

In short, whether you can remember your dreams or not, dreaming is not an important factor affecting sleep quality.

I slept late, is it not good sleep?

In fact, young people generally sleep later than the elderly, mainly related to the biological clock, which is a normal phenomenon.

Not to mention everyone has his own biological clock. Some people go to bed late and get up late [night owls], others go to bed early and get up early [early birds], and most people are between these two extremes.

Therefore, as long as you keep enough sleep time and regular work and rest, pay attention to the sleep environment, you can sleep well by sleeping late.

Is my sleep quality good or not? !

For most people, you can judge against the following:

    Fast sleep, fall asleep within 30 minutes; Deep sleep, deep breathing, not easy to wake up; No or few nights, wake up for a short time; Get up quickly and feel good after getting up in the morning. During the day, the mind is clear and the work efficiency is high.

Do you suddenly feel that your sleep quality seems to be good?

Well, well, if you still can’t sleep at night, Dr. Clove thinks you may need a copy-