The key to a good toothpaste is to contain this ingredient.

Every time I go to the supermarket to buy toothpaste, Dr. Clove’s difficulty in choosing will attack.

Toothpaste with similar prices has various functions, some can prevent moth, some can whiten, some can stop bleeding, and some are sensitive to teeth… Which is the most suitable for you?

Although it is tangled, Dr. Clove always has a way to choose the right toothpaste. Today, let’s talk about the toothpaste selection.

Fluorine: Essential Ingredient of Toothpaste

At present, the vast majority of toothpaste will add low-dose fluorine, and it is recommended that everyone use fluoride toothpaste.

Because low doses of fluorine make the topmost surface of teeth firmer, it can not only prevent tooth decay, but also will not be harmful to the body.

Some people may have heard of [fluorosis] and are worried that swallowing toothpaste and fluorine entering the body will be harmful to their health.

However, it is still an old saying that regardless of dosage, talking about toxicity is hooliganism. If you really want to calculate it, you need to eat almost a whole tube of toothpaste to be harmful to your health.

Doctor Clove’s warm reminder: Even for children, it is very safe to use fluoride toothpaste, as long as the dosage of toothpaste is well controlled each time.

Whitening: The effect is fleeting,

Toothpaste, which claims to have whitening function, has two main methods:

    One is to restore the original luster as much as possible by removing stains on the tooth surface. Second, whitening toothpaste is often a blue paste, and blue pigment can temporarily adhere to the tooth surface to make the teeth look whiter (just look …).

However, these whitening effects are very short-lived. After stopping use, the so-called “bright white feeling” will gradually disappear.

Hemostasis: Not Good for what

Choosing toothpaste with hemostatic function must be cautious.

Bleeding when brushing teeth is a reminder of gums: [There are too many dental calculi and we need to wash our teeth].

This is the manifestation of gingivitis or periodontitis, indicating that gums are in a very fragile state. If hemostatic toothpaste is used to stop blood, it is like preventing gums from asking for help.

Therefore, under the long-term stimulation of dental calculus, gingival atrophy, root exposure and tooth loss are all not dreams!

Doctor Clove’s warm reminder: Don’t be busy stopping bleeding when brushing your teeth. Go to the dentist.

Anti-sensitivity: Special person

Toothpaste against tooth sensitivity, also known as [desensitized toothpaste], has certain effects on people with tooth sensitivity.

For people with sensitive teeth, there are many small holes in their teeth, leading to the pulp of their teeth.

The dental pulp is the center of the dental nerve, so these thin tubes can conduct cold, hot, sour and sweet stimuli to the dental nerve, causing dental sensitivity and pain.

This kind of toothpaste can form a protective layer on the tooth surface to seal off small defects on the tooth surface, thus relieving tooth sensitivity.

People with sensitive teeth can use this kind of toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to the sensitive parts of teeth first and brush their teeth after about 5 minutes. The effect will be better.

We have run out of toothpaste, so we need another one next time?

No need.

According to folklore, if the same toothpaste is often used, bacteria in the oral cavity will develop [drug resistance], which is not conducive to oral health.

In fact, [drug resistance] is mainly aimed at antibiotics. The main ingredients in toothpaste are friction agents and foaming agents (you can certainly be as the name implies). It does not contain antibiotics or other special drug ingredients, so there is no [drug resistance].

If you are just tired and want to try a new taste, you can also change it with confidence. After all, it is most important to brush your teeth seriously and happily.

Finally, I’d like to share with you Dr. Clove’s little secret in choosing toothpaste: directly take the cheapest fluoride toothpaste on the shelf.

It is convenient and beneficial to oral health, killing two birds with one stone.

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