The movements of thin belly and thin thighs are all deceptive!

I can always see all kinds of posts on the Internet such as [21 days to give you slender thighs] [doing these movements every day to give you a flat lower abdomen]. Dr. Clove wants to tell you that these are all lies! Want to do a few sit-ups every day to thin belly, Let’s take a rest. The so-called thin thighs and thin bellies actually mean local fat reduction. It is said that by increasing the movement of muscles in a certain part, To promote the fat [burning] around this muscle. For example, if there is a lot of abdominal fat accumulation, just do sit-ups or abdominal muscle strength training, hoping to achieve the effect of burning abdominal fat. This is basically impossible, all the actions claimed to be thin and local are not feasible. Why is local fat reduction unreliable? Local fat reduction is not reliable, Do some local strength training, Such as sit-ups, Neither can we specifically reduce abdominal fat, The overall weight loss effect is also very poor. Exercises such as sit-ups, The main exercise is abdominal muscle strength, It belongs to strength training, Energy consumption is mainly provided by sugars, It’s not fat. It’s impossible to reduce fat only locally. If you want to achieve the goal of [making fat into muscle] by exercising locally, It’s a fable. Muscles need energy to move, This includes fat, But this fat comes from blood, It’s not the nearest material you think. Let’s give an example of sit-ups. Abdominal muscle movement, If fat is needed for energy, After the fat in adipocytes all over the body is mobilized, Can quickly reach the abdomen through blood circulation, Instead of getting it directly from the adipose tissue around the abdominal muscles. This fat provided from the blood, Some come from the abdomen, some come from the thighs, and even some come from the chest or face, all of which are possible. Where is thin is determined by genes. So, as far as sit-ups are concerned, which part of the body provides more fat for abdominal muscle strength training? Which part burns more, It is mainly regulated by heredity and hormone levels. Some studies have found that People’s body shape has certain heredity. Before you lose weight, you are [pear-shaped obesity] with thin waist and big buttocks. After you lose weight, you can only become [small pear-shaped], but you will not become [small apple] with fat belly and thin legs. Therefore, thin is thin whole body, and reduction is whole body reduction, and it is often proportional reduction of whole body, including chest. Is liposuction easy to use? There is only one way to quickly reduce local fat, and that is-local liposuction. Is local liposuction a blessing for obese people? Of course not. First of all, it usually only smokes subcutaneous fat, while visceral fat, which is the most harmful to health, seems unrealistic. Secondly, if liposuction is very small, it is actually of little significance. Smoke more, it is easy to cause skin relaxation. Finally, if you don’t fundamentally change your bad lifestyle and unreasonable eating habits, most people will soon get fat again. Exercise is the king of weight loss. Many people will be disappointed to see this. Is it true that you can’t have a beautiful body shape if your genes are not good? Of course not, To lose weight, It is no use just doing a few sit-ups every day and lifting one hundred legs every day. If you want to be thin, Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are combined to train, Is the best. For example, I want to have a horse-drawn line, It could be arranged as follows: First, do training for abdominal strength: Such as flat support, abdominal curling or other exercises to exercise abdominal muscles. These anaerobic exercises, Not only can it increase the strength of the abdomen and make the abdominal muscles strong, It can also consume a lot of sugar in the body. Aerobic exercise starts after strength training: Running, swimming, cycling, etc. As strength training consumes a lot of sugar first, At this time, aerobic exercise is mainly carried out to consume fat. In this way, both internal and external training is carried out. Only the horse’s nail line can be revealed, Otherwise, if you practice your abdominal muscles beautifully, Covered with thick fat, Nor can the horse-nail line get out. Of course, When losing weight, you should also control your diet. Otherwise, you work hard and sweat for an hour, Eating two fried chickens and drinking a bottle of beer will make up all the calories consumed. In short, don’t believe those movements that can thin belly and thighs any more. Apart from liposuction, weight loss can only be reduced by the whole body. Proper diet, combination of aerobic and strength training, the whole body will be thin, and it is much faster than sitting on sit-ups in bed and lifting 100 thighs every day.