The prenatal examination found that the umbilical cord was around the neck. Is the baby in danger?

In daily work, I am often asked [Doctor, can my child recover from the umbilical cord around his neck? Can you give birth by yourself? Is the child in danger? The following is a brief introduction to the umbilical cord around the neck, hoping to be helpful to everyone. What is the umbilical cord around the neck? The umbilical cord surrounds the neck, Generally speaking, the umbilical cord is wound around the neck of the fetus several times. Most of them were around the neck for one week. It accounts for about 25% of all deliveries. There are many reasons for umbilical cord winding around the neck: Umbilical cord is too long, fetus is small, amniotic fluid is excessive and fetal movement is frequent, etc. Most umbilical cord winding is usually found by prenatal ultrasound examination. There are obvious pressure marks on the skin at the umbilical cord winding. Mothers-to-be sometimes see words like [U-shaped pressure mark, W-shaped pressure mark, zigzag pressure mark] in the report. Umbilical cord winding has what effect on children? Many pregnant mothers feel that the umbilical cord will tie the baby’s neck around the neck, That’s why it’s scary. Actually, Umbilical cord around the neck. The danger is the umbilical cord. Not the baby’s neck. If the umbilical cord is loose and goes around the neck for 1-2 weeks, Usually it does not have much effect on the fetus. This is the case with most umbilical cord winding around the neck. If the umbilical cord is tight and the number of winding turns is large, The umbilical cord may be compressed, tapered, The blood flow will be affected. The umbilical cord is the lifeline of the baby. If the blood flow is affected, the baby’s oxygen and nutrition will also be affected, which will seriously threaten the baby’s safety. Especially when it comes to childbirth, it may affect the progress of childbirth. Fortunately, most of the umbilical cord is only around one circle, and the winding is relatively loose, which affects the baby’s safety. Can the umbilical cord wrap around the neck and come back? Many expectant mothers will ask: Can the umbilical cord come back? Is there any good way to correct it? First, let’s talk about how the umbilical cord wraps around the neck: Small fetuses are too naughty in larger swimming pools, Like a naughty little fish swinging from side to side, turning up and down, Playing with the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck. Usually the umbilical cord is not tightly wrapped, If the baby moves again, it may loosen again, But it could also be tighter, Or more turns. These are all uncontrollable factors. Some expectant mothers may not have umbilical cord around their necks during the prenatal examination. As a result, it was found during childbirth. Only when the baby’s head is connected with the mother’s pelvis, Usually about 37 weeks, At this time, the baby will not move in the womb, The umbilical cord is relatively fixed. It turns out that the one wrapped around the neck will not turn back. If there is no umbilical cord around the neck, it will not be around again. Until then, what could happen, There is no very effective way to help the umbilical cord wrap back. The prenatal examination found that the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of expectant mothers, There is no need to pay too much attention to the umbilical cord. Avoid increasing psychological burden. No matter whether the umbilical cord is found around the neck in the prenatal examination, Mothers-to-be should pay attention to the situation of their babies in their stomachs. In the late pregnancy, That is, 28 weeks later, to seriously count fetal movement. Can be between 6 and 10 o’clock every night, oneself count the baby’s movement in the womb. Every two hours fetal movement times should be greater than 6 times, if less than 6 times, or less than half of the previous reduction, may be the baby has hypoxia, should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Does umbilical cord around the neck have to be caesarean section? Of course not. Although the umbilical cord around the neck may lead to long delivery time and fetal hypoxia, However, not all umbilical cords around the neck need caesarean section. It needs to be treated according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, within 2 weeks of winding the neck, The umbilical cord encircled the neck for 2 weeks or less, There are no other exceptional circumstances, Prenatal check-up is all right, The expectant mother is fully confident that she will give birth smoothly. Doctors will closely monitor the whole delivery process. If the woman wears her neck for 3 weeks or more, The delivery went smoothly, Under close monitoring, you can try to give birth smoothly. However, expectant mothers and their families should be prepared to switch to caesarean section during childbirth. If it is a primipara, Not yet in labor, Consider giving birth for a long time, in the process of baby hypoxia probability is relatively large, in order to be on the safe side, suggest caesarean section. Whether it is natural delivery or cesarean section, it is to comprehensively consider the right place at the right time and people. The expectant parents and expectant mothers just need to maintain the best state, put down their worries in the heart, believe the doctor will help you choose the best delivery method.