The pressure is great, what should I do? Dr. Clove teaches you some ways to relieve stress.

Editor’s Note: In fact, the best way to manage stress is to learn how to deal with stress correctly.

The core of decompression is relaxation, psychological relaxation and physical relaxation.

Psychological relaxation method

STEP 1 Writing

It may be helpful to try to write down the things that bother you. Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to write down the things that make you feel more stressed and write down your feelings, or try to explore the source of the stress.

This will help you find out the real cause of the pressure and how much the pressure is. When you understand these reasons, you will find a better solution.

Step 2 Release your emotions

Talk, laugh, cry, anger, no matter what, as long as you need it, release it. Talking more about your feelings with friends and family will help relieve the pressure.

STEP 3 Do What You Like

You may think you are too busy to do these things. But make sure to find time to do something you like and help you relax, which will also help you improve your efficiency and finish your work better in other areas of your life.

You can try the following:

(1) a hobby, such as gardening;

(2) a creative activity, such as writing, handicrafts and fine arts;

(3) Playing with pets;

(4) Volunteer.

4. Focus on the moment

Meditation and image guidance can also relax your brain.

(1) Meditation

When you start meditating, you will concentrate on what is going on at the moment. For example, concentrating on your breathing is also a way to concentrate.

Internal decompression is also a way of meditation and helps manage self-pressure and learn how to deal with it.

(2) Image guidance

Through image guidance, you can imagine that you are in various environments to help you become calm and relaxed.

You can also complete image guidance through tapes, books or under the guidance of a mentor.

Body Relaxation Method

1. Campaign

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress.

Walking is also a good way, and even daily housework is good. Sorting out a clean and tidy room and cooking a delicious meal are all good medicines to relieve pressure.

Stretching exercises can also relieve muscle tension.

Step 2 Try some relaxing tips

Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and yoga can all help relieve stress.

(1) Breathing exercise

It mainly refers to tumbling breathing (a kind of deep breathing).

(2) Progressive muscle relaxation

This small skill can relieve muscle tension, and people can relax each muscle group one by one in this way.

(3) Yoga

Yoga is a combination of sports and meditation.

In addition, books and movies will also be helpful. These activities can be completed at home. Perhaps you may prefer to combine the above methods and apply them comprehensively.

At first, you may feel a little mechanically applied, and you need some exercises to master this stress relief method. However, after you learn to control the pressure, you will gradually be able to use it freely.

Responsible Editor: Chuyang