The sooner the blood pressure drops, the better? Mistakes in Treatment of Hypertension

Regarding the treatment of hypertension, there are many ideas that everyone takes for granted, but in fact there are deviations. Now let’s talk about which understanding and practices are not good and are not conducive to blood pressure control.

Myth 1: The faster and lower the blood pressure, the better.

Some people think that the blood pressure is high, and the faster and lower the blood pressure, the better.

In fact, it is not. Generally speaking, antihypertensive therapy should master the principle of slow and stable, and reach the target value in a few weeks.

Blood pressure drops too fast and too low, which is prone to ischemic events and even may lead to serious consequences such as cerebral infarction, especially for the elderly.

Myth 2: Excessive Attention to Blood Pressure Value and Mental Stress

Some patients pay too much attention to their blood pressure, measure blood pressure too frequently, and frequently adjust antihypertensive drugs, which will affect the antihypertensive effect.

However, people’s blood pressure level is not constant, with peaks and valleys, and the values of blood pressure measured in different time periods are different.

Climate, psychological and physical factors can also affect blood pressure. One or two increases cannot be considered as unstable blood pressure, but frequent addition and subtraction of drug dosage.

Myth 3: Don’t Pay Attention to Blood Pressure Measured at Home

Some people think that the blood pressure measured in the hospital is accurate and the blood pressure measured at home is inaccurate. This idea is a bit one-sided.

    The blood pressure measured in the hospital clinic is difficult to fully reflect the blood pressure status. The blood pressure measured at home is relaxed, not affected by the hospital environment, and can better reflect the blood pressure value of the normal state.

In different times and states, measuring one’s blood pressure many times can give one a more comprehensive understanding of one’s blood pressure. It is also more conducive to doctors to adjust the treatment plan.

Myth 4: Believe that a panacea can cure hypertension,

Once hypertension is diagnosed, the vast majority of patients need to adhere to non-drug and drug therapy for a long time.

Many advertisements claim that certain drugs, high-tech products, health food, or health care instruments can cure hypertension without taking antihypertensive drugs. These are pseudoscientific propaganda.

At present, there is no drug, health care product or health care instrument in the world that can cure hypertension. Any media propaganda that can cure hypertension is false propaganda.

I hope everyone can attach importance to the standardized treatment of hypertension and blindly believe in false propaganda, which will delay treatment and even kill people.

Myth 5: Superstitious Health Care Products and Health Care Instruments

Some patients are affected by the concept of “three drugs are poisonous”. At the same time, everyone also feels that Western medicine has adverse reactions and is unwilling to take it for a long time.

Some people advocate the antihypertensive effect of some health care products and health care instruments. Can make hypertension patients get rid of the trouble of adverse reactions of western medicine. In fact, these health food, drinks and antihypertensive appliances such as antihypertensive pillows, antihypertensive watches, etc., most of them do not have a clear antihypertensive effect. Superstition of this antihypertensive method is also easy to cause delay in treatment and ultimately endanger health.

Myth 6: Excessive Trust in Pure Natural Drugs to Depress Blood Pressure

Some people think that western medicine has great adverse reactions, Pure natural drugs are non-toxic and have no adverse reactions. Some people use the patient’s psychology to publicize the curative effects of some natural drugs. Publicize that hypertension patients can get rid of the trouble of adverse reactions of western medicine by taking some natural drugs to reduce blood pressure. In fact, natural drugs also have adverse reactions. The real effect of most pure natural drugs to reduce blood pressure has yet to be studied and determined. Don’t blindly believe in it.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan