The truth [secret recipe for dredging blood vessels], can it really save patients with coronary heart disease?

When opening WeChat circle of friends, there are often all kinds of health preserving jokes, such as this:

Figure 1 Screenshot of Rumors in WeChat Circle of Friends

After reading the story of this elder brother in the article, I immediately felt a shock from the tiger’s body and two lines of muddy tears came down.

Thinking of those patients with coronary heart disease who suffered a lot in the hospital and died, they endured great pain and put stents for surgery. Now there is a secret recipe for ancient methods, which enables hundreds of thousands of researchers around the world to study day and night for decades, and tens of billions of dollars cannot cure coronary heart disease in minutes.

If this method is spread, wouldn’t all colleagues around the world lose their jobs overnight, and mankind will bid farewell to coronary heart disease and move towards world harmony? ! Even I can’t wait to know this is what’s secret recipe!

The author did not disappoint us either and quickly gave the answer:

Fig. 2 formula of magic medicine

What is this kind of magic medicine like?

The secret recipe is so simple? It seems that our stupid scientists have been hoodwinked and can handle coronary heart disease so easily!

Let’s close our eyes and think about what this secret recipe will look like.