The Warm Heart Guard between a Daughter and a Big-bellied Dad

Snezhana Soosh, a young female painter, showed the daily life of a big-bellied father and daughter through watercolor cartoons on Instagram, full of the gentleness, care and protection of the father to his daughter.

Dad is like Superman on standby 24 hours a day. He is ready to protect his daughter at any time. Whether he is the school overlord or the little monster under the bed, he uses his tall figure to protect sweet dreams. Anyone who dares to break his daughter’s wings will definitely ruin his whole heaven.

For the sake of his daughter, his father dares to try all seemingly impossible tasks, such as tying plaits and braiding hair. No matter how clumsy his rough hands are, he can tie out tricks. On the Self-cultivation of a Qualified Dad.

The daughter rode on her father’s broad, thick and high shoulders. She was at the top of the world and sat on the whole world.

Dad’s big belly is soft, warm and always so comfortable. Her daughter’s whole body is buried in it, listening to the strong heartbeat, just like the drums of rock music.

Dad will also behave like a child, sleeping in the same position as his daughter, with his huge body pushed to the bed and still leaving his widest back to his beloved daughter.

Even if the work is very busy, the father who is immersed in his desk all day long cannot bear his daughter to wander around the door alone. He will talk with her, chat and amuse her.

No matter how mature and steady the iron and blood man is, he will play with dolls like a big boy and always come up with new tricks to make his daughter happy.

The world is so big, but the father always can’t let go and can’t leave his daughter. In this small world, which still does not know the difference, either stay at home together or go out together to have a look.

To play with her daughter, one must not only show one’s omnipotent heroic image, but also think that one must not make her unhappy when losing. One must also teach her that every step of life must be meaningful. There may never be a second man in the world who will treat her unconditionally.

When father and daughter are together, they can indulge their imagination to infinity: don’t be afraid of shadows in life, because there is sunshine behind them.

Even some crazy ideas, Dad will try his best to realize them: don’t be timid, don’t be afraid, and take courage to challenge all kinds of difficult problems.

We should train our daughter to be independent, but once necessary, our father will come up with a helping hand and come up with a solution at any time.

As long as you are with your daughter, your father’s arms are your daughter’s most solid pillow pad and support, and happiness and happiness will erupt at any time.

Dad is such a person who takes care of and protects his daughter with his whole body and life.

However, Dad’s big belly is too big to turn hula hoop. As a daughter, I especially want to say: Only when you are healthy can you firmly protect your daughter and family for a longer time.

It’s time to change my grown-up daughter to protect my father’s health!

Guarding Dad Plan

1. Accompany Dad to Loss Weight

Men have big stomachs, which is not as simple as awe and prestige. When men’s waist circumference is greater than 90cm and waist-hip ratio is greater than 0.9, they can be judged as waist-abdomen obesity, hyperglycemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout and other chronic diseases with high risks.

Give Dad a nutrition plan, focusing on supervising drinking more milk, eating more coarse cereals and eating more green leafy vegetables, but osteoporosis cannot worsen any more.

Walk with my father, walk fast, dance square dancing, practice Taijiquan, play table tennis and ride a bike, so as to bring back my healthy body.

2. Regular physical examination for dad,

A comprehensive physical examination at least once a year will be a very meaningful Father’s Day gift. Accompanying each other is the longest confession.

Men with big stomachs, in addition to obesity, should also be careful of ascites caused by liver problems, flatulence caused by gastrointestinal problems, and even tumors with little possibility.

3. Change Dad’s Health Equipment

An electric toothbrush can improve oral hygiene and reduce dental plaque, gingivitis and other problems. Good teeth, good appetite, eat well.

A supporting cervical spine pillow with appropriate height and width and moderate hardness can bring more comfortable sleep experience to the father who often sits at his desk.

A pair of fit sneakers, plus light sportswear, can let dad get better protection, keep warm and sweat.

Some small portable fitness equipment, such as small dumbbells, tensioners, grip strength devices, knee pads, wrist pads, etc., are all good choices.

A sports bracelet can monitor Dad’s daily exercise activities.

4. Accompany Dad to Slowly Reduce Alcohol and Smoke

Decades of habits are not so easy to change. Instead of seeking one step at a time, we should reduce and control them step by step.