If you have migraine patient around you, never say these words to them

Migraine, you may have heard of this term, but do you really understand it? If you have migraine friends around you, please care for them, especially when they have headache attacks, don’t say these words to them…

1. I know, I had a headache yesterday.

-Believe me, you don’t understand.

Migraine is not a simple headache. Compared with migraine pain, headache is like one being stepped on the toe and the other being run over the toe by a truck. Of course it is different!

2. Have you ever tried XXX folk prescription?


At present, there is no cure for migraine. Some drugs can be used to prevent the attack or relieve the pain during the attack, but there is no 100% effective prevention method.

It is not recommended to try folk prescription, so as not to cure migraine and eat bad liver and kidney.

3. Tell me the next time you have a headache and I’ll give you a head massage.


During migraine attacks, any stimulation or touch may aggravate the headache, so it is good to let migraine patients rest quietly and do not touch them, especially their heads.

4. You know what? Some people always have headaches and finally find them to be brain tumors.

-Is this comforting…

When the patient has a migraine attack for the first time, the doctor will carry out corresponding examination to eliminate headache caused by other problems, so most of them have already been examined for brain tumors.

Of course, if it is a kind reminder, it can be used in a more gentle and less frightening way. Don’t scare the patient into getting sick again.

5. When migraine is sick, you can watch a movie and listen to music to relax.


When migraine attacks, any activity or light may cause the headache to worsen. Patients with severe attacks will vomit continuously. Therefore, when migraine attacks, what patients need most is silence (don’t ask me who is quiet). What cannot do it.

6. Eat something and you will feel better.

-Really not.

Under the torment of headache, no one wants to eat when eating what and vomiting what.

7. Why did you have another headache?

-(10,000 words are omitted here due to relevant national laws and regulations.)

Never say this to migraine patients.

For them, it is not headache [again] that has been committed, but [again] that has been committed. At present, doctors still do not have very effective means to stop the recurrence of migraine.

Promise me to be patient with them, will you?

8. Wear what sunglasses in your room?

-I’d love to!

When migraine attacks, a little light stimulation may aggravate the headache and vomit of the patient. Sunglasses can play a more preventive role.

9. You should be more open.

-Well, you are right.

When there is thunder and lightning in your brain, what can’t even think of it. Once the headache stops, it is heaven. What doesn’t even want to, and it is also happy.

Dr Clove said:

Migraine is a recurrent headache. At present, the etiology is unclear and there is no very effective radical cure plan.

During the attack, it is generally recommended that patients rest and use analgesic drugs to relieve headache attacks. Patients with frequent and severe attacks can take drug control under the guidance of doctors to minimize the frequency of attacks.

At the same time, it is also important to avoid the inducements that lead to attacks. Common factors include:

(1) Dietary factors: drinking, drinking coffee, tea, etc., eating chocolate, kimchi, smoked products, citrus fruits, etc.

(2) Mental factors: mental stress, insufficient or excessive sleep, mental stress, depression, crying, etc.

(3) Others: such as weather changes, strong light stimulation, noise and strong smell, etc.

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