There are both fish and vegetables. To deal with picky babies, this supplementary food must be tried.

Babies are picky about food, which is a headache for many precious mothers.

Fish, vegetables, eggs… Clearly know that these foods are good for the baby, but the baby just doesn’t eat them. It’s really sad.

Don’t worry, Dr. Clove has found a good friend and nutrition expert Yang Dong to introduce a nutritionally balanced and delicious complementary food so that the baby can eat all kinds of ingredients in one bite. The mother no longer has to worry about the baby’s eating ~

This complementary food is so great!

1. Rich DHA and various nutrients

Salmon: Salmon is rich in DHA, which is helpful for the development of baby’s visual and motor functions.

Broccoli: It is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, etc. 100 g of broccoli can ensure the baby’s daily vitamin C demand.

Egg: It is a good source of high-quality protein, easy to absorb and high utilization rate. Moreover, egg yolk is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other minerals, which is a good helper to supplement nutrition for babies.

2. The taste is delicious and the seasoning is simple.

The aroma of lemon can well neutralize the fishy smell of salmon and highlight its delicious taste.

With mushrooms to increase freshness, without salt, cooking wine and various condiments, children can eat one and want the next only by the taste of the ingredients themselves.

3. Rich nutrition is done in one bite, and the baby is not afraid to be picky about food.

This supplementary food contains staple food, fish, eggs, vegetables and fungi, and has everything in one bite.

If there is a baby who is picky about food in the family, this [nutrition all-round] complementary food player is simply a sharp weapon for precious mothers.

Such a good thing, clove doctor also don’t hide anything, it is salmon assorted small wonton.

This is how to make small wonton with salmon assortment.

1. Ingredients

    Small wonton skin 250 g salmon 100 g broccoli 100 g egg 1 mushroom 1 lemon 1/4

2. Practice

Step 1: Chop up the ingredients

Wash all ingredients and chop salmon, mushrooms and broccoli. You can also mince them with a cooking machine.

Step 2: Season and mix stuffing

Mix the chopped ingredients and add a little lemon juice to remove fishy smell. Beat in the eggs and stir in one direction to make the stuffing strong.

Step 3: Wraton

Put a little stuffing on the wonton skin, fold it by 10%, wipe some clear water on the skin, and wrap it up (treasure mothers should not be greedy and put too much stuffing, be careful to leak it out).

Step 4: Cook wonton

Boil the water, add wontons, and when they all float, they can be served.

3. Tips

Be sure that your baby has tried all the ingredients before and is not allergic to the ingredients used.

Salmon can be replaced by other fish with few spines and fine meat, such as sardines, sea bass, Spanish mackerel, Longli fish, etc. Broccoli can be replaced by other vegetables such as small rape and tender celery.

The stuffing of wonton can actually have various combinations. Mothers can try to combine the ingredients that the baby likes and doesn’t like to eat, and use some small skills to solve the problem of baby’s picky eating.

Since wonton requires babies to have good chewing and swallowing abilities, it is recommended for babies over 1 year old to eat it. At the same time, all treasure parents must pay attention to prevent babies from choking or choking.