There are N ways to upgrade Penis’s size… Only the last 3 are reliable.

What Ji Ge hates most is the pop-up advertisement on the web page. The interception tool has been installed on his own computer for a long time, but a few days ago, when he used someone else’s computer, a shy advertisement popped up as soon as he opened it…

The first thing I saw… turned out to be the word [he] that [gave him pleasure]…

All right, let’s get back to the point. I don’t know what kind of person would believe that changing underpants can make Penis grow by 7 centimeters. However, this did give Ji Ge inspiration and went online to collect all kinds of guidelines for Penis to grow bigger.

Everyone sit tight, let’s start to analyze one by one.

All kinds of drugs and ointments

At present, there is no scientific evidence to show that these drugs are effective on the market, whether taken orally or externally.

Apply some ointment and oil to Penis, what, which may have the effect of psychological comfort, but it cannot make Penis’s size bigger at all.

Generally speaking, if the merchants have not lost their integrity, the ingredients of these drugs may be vitamins, minerals and various herbal medicines from what, which is at most cheating money.

But what is terrible is that some foreign scientists have even detected hormones, lead, pesticides, Escherichia coli, animal poop in some products…

Vacuum bolster

Ji Ge thought it was an air gun at first sight…

There is little evidence that this thing can really significantly increase Penis’s size.

The use method of this thing is to put Penis into the tube and then pump out air to create a local vacuum environment, so that blood will flow to Penis more and Penis will become hyperemic and swollen.

Vacuum bolster is not used to increase Penis. It is sometimes used to treat short-term erectile dysfunction (what you call impotence). It is a kind of medical device. It is not something you can use yourself if you want. If you use it too much, it will even hurt Penis and make it even harder! A treasure is being sold openly on it, so I am happy.


Hey, isn’t this really a torture device… … …

Some studies have found that Penis of some users did grow 1-2 cm in erectile state after using this retractor [chicken] for 12 hours every day and 6 months.

However, even researchers doubt whether it is worth wearing such a thing to go out every day and paying such a high price. Isn’t it embarrassing to be found by others? You have this time, how many new postures have you unlocked!

In the same sentence, without the doctor’s advice, this thing should not be used at home casually, which may cause lifelong injury.

Arab milking method

This is a kind of exercise method with technique [Latin], English called [Jelqing], and there is also no evidence to prove it is effective.

This method is basically to use the thumb and index finger to pull Penis repeatedly like milking. However, just like taking medicine and wiping medicine, this method is also comforting and makes people feel better at most.

If you really want to give it a try, Ji Ge will not stop you either. He just wants to say, after all, it is his own body, so be gentle…

Penis’s thickening operation

Yes, there are operations that can thicken Penis, such as autologous fat transplantation.

Some studies have shown that the perimeter of Penis in some people has indeed increased by 1.4 ~ 4 cm after the operation, but long-term follow-up studies have found many problems:

Some people’s Penis has become an ugly Penis due to disfigurement and deformation due to lumps, scars, etc. Some even have infection…

In addition to the risks of various complications, the fat injected into Penis may be absorbed by the body and returned to its original shape after a period of time.

Penis’s extended operation

After talking about thickening, let’s talk about how lengthening is going on.

One of the most common lengthening methods is to cut off the ligament connecting the pubic bone inside Penis so that Penis’s root is exposed more to increase its length.

However, this way only makes Penis in a relaxed state grow 1 ~ 2 cm longer, and there is no change during erection, which is a bit self-deceiving. Worse still, because the ligament is cut off, Penis’s stability will deteriorate and he will not reach 90 degrees when erecting. There is also the worst possibility, the operation failed, injured nerves or blood vessels, and will not be able to happily snap in the future…

Is there any reliable method?

Didn’t you agree on a way to talk about it? How can you talk about it all that is useless?

Don’t worry, I said so much is not afraid of you fall for it. Let’s talk about the method recommended by Ji Ge:

    Remove hair: Mao Mao too much will cover Penis, hair will appear bigger visually. Weight loss: the so-called [a fat destroyed everything], often someone said fat Penis small, but it is really just covered by the oil on the belly. Exercise: Exercise cannot change Penis’s size, but it will make you more confident and feel super powerful!

Finally, think about why you are anxious.

The average erection length of Chinese Penis is about 10 ~ 12 cm. In fact, most people’s Penis size is normal. But Ji Ge often sees people asking backstage, how old is Penis? How long does it take each time? How often is it good?

Not only in China, but also in every country, many men are worried about their size. On the one hand, they underestimate themselves; On the other hand, they overestimate others because of various small movies and advertisements.

When all kinds of details in the relationship between the two sexes are over-standardized, some people have summed up all kinds of data, guidelines and techniques, but over-emphasis on these will lose the meaning of individuals and become a mechanical norm.

Isn’t emotional intimacy and mutual support more important than these? Living in endless comparisons is followed by sexual anxiety caused by such comparisons.

Whether you are happy or not, only you know, and whether the other party is happy or not, only you know when you talk.