There are ways to prevent diseases. Dr. Clove will give advice.

It’s March when grass grows and warblers fly again. Have you already succumbed to your little excitement and prepared to change into spring clothes and go out for a hike?

Don’t be busy, spring is also a season with high incidence of various infectious diseases, which often makes people fall in love unconsciously.

Before going out, please bring this April disease prevention book prepared for you by Dr. Clove, make full preparations and say no to the spring disease.

April Disease Prevention Book

  1. Try to avoid crowded and closed places, such as shopping malls and cinemas, so as not to come into contact with patients. If you have to go, don’t stay too long.

  2. Strengthen physical fitness: ensure adequate nutrition and sleep, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, strengthen physical exercise, and increase physical fitness.

  3. Reasonable use of masks to protect themselves.

  4. Keep indoor ventilation, and open windows for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

  5. If there are patients in the family, isolation and disinfection measures should be taken. For example, excluding nursing staff, reduce contact between family members and patients; Utensils used by varicella patients, such as towels, clothes, sheets, tableware, etc., can be disinfected by boiling or sun exposure.

  6. Vaccination: Many infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, chickenpox and mumps, can be effectively prevented by vaccination. Apart from vaccine injection, mumps can also be sprayed through live attenuated vaccine spray throat and nose, which can achieve the preventive effect.

It’s not Dr. Clove who scares everyone. If you don’t take preventive measures, be careful to find the following diseases.

Ahem, ahem, ahem-the common cold

Hazard Index:

Due to the changeable weather in spring and the large temperature difference between day and night, people are easy to catch colds.

Do you still remember those days when headache, brain fever, general weakness, continuous nasal mucus and coughing were all avoided by everyone?

I have to work overtime because of the reduction of work efficiency when I burn top-heavy. I really can’t say how bitter I am.

Does Weak Willow Fufeng Eat Fat? Beware of tuberculosis

Hazard Index:

Tuberculosis is a kind of tuberculosis, which is transmitted by air droplets and transmitted through respiratory tract.

Due to the strong resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the outside world, it can survive in the outside world for a long time and may come into contact with Mycobacterium tuberculosis if it is not careful.

If someone is found to show symptoms of low fever, weakness, cough and hemoptysis, it is very likely that they have tuberculosis. At this time, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Covered with pox marks like starlight-chickenpox

Hazard Index:

I believe everyone is familiar with chickenpox: fever makes the whole body weak, itching makes the heart unable to scratch, and after chickenpox subsides, it leaves pockmarks all over the body, making people want to cry.

Varicella is a respiratory infectious disease, which is mainly transmitted by droplets. Infants and children are easy to be recruited.

At the same time, adults may also be attacked by the [changed] varicella virus, which is called [herpes zoster] at this time, and is manifested as herpes on both sides of the waist, causing unbearable pain.

Be careful that your balls also suffer-mumps

Hazard Index:

Mumps is an acute respiratory infectious disease. Its manifestations are the same as the name of the disease. The cheeks of the sick people will be swollen and painful, and it will be even more painful when eating sour food.

Although mumps patients look a little funny due to swollen parotid gland and facial deformation, the disease is not fun, because mumps may cause orchitis and even infertility, which is a greater threat to adolescent boys.