There is no need to worry about the baby’s development [backwardness]. These 6 situations can relax your heart.

When many parents raise their babies, they are [afraid of falling when holding them in their hands, afraid of melting when holding them in their mouths] and are careful all day long.

Today, Dr. Clove will tell you which of them are scaring themselves and which should be paid attention to on the way to raise babies.

Raising your baby to develop healthily, don’t be so careful.

Now, the [starting line] for raising babies has already been advanced to [rise] [turn over], and [early education classes] for babies under one year old have also arisen, which really worries the majority of parents.

Case 1: We are developing [lagging behind]. We are not in a hurry.

After reading the baby’s development schedule, it is often easy to feel anxious:

The baby next door will stand in 6 months. My baby is 8 months old and still can’t stand well. What should I do?

Colleagues’ children will call their mothers in 9 months. Why hasn’t my family spoken yet when they are over 1 year old?

In fact, Bao’s parents don’t have to worry at all.

The development of the baby’s ability has a sequence. Each baby is unique. There is no need to worry about comparing with other children. As long as the doctor evaluates it within the [normal range], it is good to wait patiently.

Case 2: There are good reasons for whether to go to [early education] or not.

According to Ding Ma’s understanding, some early childhood education institutions for infants are still doing well at present, which is a good choice for families that lack parenting knowledge and have limited learning opportunities.

However, the following problems are also obvious: weak children are more prone to illness; Some unnecessary events (such as baby swimming) are buried in danger.

Also, early education classes are expensive…

If you guarantee undisturbed parent-child time, you can play with your baby at home.

Situation 3: If the baby wants to play with the mobile phone, it is not impossible to touch it.

Concerned about children’s vision development and language development, AAP of the American Association of Pediatrics once suggested:

For children under the age of 2, it is best not to watch electronic screens such as mobile phones, flat panels and televisions, and for children over the age of 2, it is also best not to watch electronic screens for more than 2 hours.

It is true that we cannot rely entirely on TV sets or mobile phones as nannies, but some short periods (such as going to the toilet and taking a bath) are still good as tools for [distracting babies and liberating themselves].

Just remember not to use this time as a [reward] or to arrange it for too long.

Of course, if you want to play with your mobile phone when you take your baby, look at this article first: Matters needing attention when taking your baby to play with your mobile phone.

Baby sleep, don’t worry too much

The baby has just been born, and the parents of Bao have a big head. Apart from eating milk, they sleep. Parents don’t have to worry too much about the following situations.

Situation 4: If you fall asleep, you don’t have to turn it back.

Many precious mothers lack sleep from the beginning of giving birth to their babies, mainly because of frequent nursing, and a few are… worried that the babies will sleep on their stomach, so they must watch the babies and sleep soundly.

In fact, as long as the baby is guaranteed to sleep on his back, there will be no big deal.

When the baby grows up, he can turn over and change his sleeping position in his sleep. At this time, don’t turn the baby to his back.

Besides, Bao’s parents can think about it. How lovely a quiet baby is after falling asleep. If it wakes up accidentally… you know

Situation 5: Sleep a little late, don’t worry too much

Some people say that it is good to go to bed early and get up early. In fact, as long as you sleep enough, your sleep quality is guaranteed, and you can go to bed late and get up late.

The same is true for babies. Some children are naturally keen to sleep at 12 o’clock, wake up after 10 o’clock, and take a nap during the day.

As long as the caregiver’s schedule allows, this is not impossible.

Of course, if you sleep completely upside down day and night… for your own health, let’s help Eva adjust.

Situation 6: Won’t sleep at night, can sleep during the day

For parents who are upset by the problem of [the baby refuses to sleep], they may have seen such guidance: try not to let the baby sleep during the day and sleep well at night.

Don’t be so cruel… and who tries who knows, it’s all a thunder blast in his hand…

If you should sleep, you should sleep. The problem of [refusing to sleep at night] is more complicated and needs specific analysis and gradual solution. It is really not [don’t sleep during the day] that can be solved.

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This is what we should worry about.

Having said so much [don’t worry], I have to say that when it comes to safety, we must not neglect:

    Driving the baby out of the house, there must be no shortage of safety seats of appropriate size, and the placement method must not behave in such a way. Don’t leave the baby alone in the car in hot days. It is possible for the baby to be baked, dehydrated or even shocked in the car because he can’t get out by himself. Don’t give children hoodies and clothes with ropes. The wheels have rolled out too many tragedies. Angry, teasing the child can’t grab the baby and shake it back and forth, it is really possible to kill people; Balloons that float may explode, and when they explode, they will have one hand and one face. It is better not to play with such dangerous toys for babies.

Having said so much, Dr. Clove has another word for everyone: How difficult it is to raise a baby, why bother yourself?

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think?