A kind of drowsiness called [spring drowsiness], these five methods can solve…

As the saying goes: I don’t know how to sleep in spring, and I sleep everywhere.

As the saying goes, spring is sleepy, autumn is sleepy, summer is sleepy, and winter and March are not awake.

Especially when the weather gets warmer in March, many people will suddenly become [severe spring sleepy patients] who have difficulty getting up, are late for work, are distracted and weak…

Dr. Clove feels the same way, because in spring, we are all poor students.

Why is it [spring sleepy]? Today, Dr. Clove will work with everyone to find out the culprit.

In fact, people in Europe and the United States also have a similar saying of “spring fever”, which is called Spring Fever. Apart from drowsiness and fatigue, this [disease] also includes flushing face, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, etc.

It seems that spring drowsiness has not only existed since ancient times, but also is a phenomenon of globalization.

No kidding, Dr. Clove checked a circle of data and found:

Spring sleepiness is just a folk saying, and there is no special professional description in science or medicine.

So after all, it is this season that I am sleepy. Whose pot is it?

Three reasons may lead to [spring drowsiness]

1. The biological clock is not allowed.

As we all know, there is a [biological clock] in the human brain, which can measure time and help us wake up at dawn and sleep at dark.

When the winter and spring seasons change, many people spend too much time indoors and have too little contact with natural light, resulting in slow adjustment of the biological clock.

If the biological clock is not accurate and the time inside and outside the body is inconsistent, the mental state may be affected.

2. Melatonin secretion is less

Sleep-related hormones are called [sleep hormone] or [night hormone], which is melatonin secreted by the pineal gland at night and can regulate sleep.

Melatonin, like a watchmaker, sets his biological clock a few minutes faster every day in spring.

If the biological clock does not keep pace with the seasonal changes, the sleep quality may decline as a result, and the accumulation of insufficient sleep to a certain extent will affect the [ringing] time, and even at other times [automatic shutdown and charging], typically drowsiness at noon.

Step 3: Not enough sleep

As we said earlier, the biological clock is very much like a real clock, but in fact it is more like an electronic clock, which needs [full charge every day] to walk.

The charging method is very simple, that is, you can have a good sleep at night.

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, your biological clock will drop significantly and [alarm] will fail, then you can’t wake up and your spirits will become common.

How to deal with [spring drowsiness]?

Although we have found several suspects, who is the real culprit is as a mystery as the identity of [Chunsleepy]…

However, we can break them one by one and always find out who has taken away our spirit.

Step 1 Sleep comfortably

Dark enough and quiet enough environment is conducive to melatonin secretion, so closing curtains, closing windows, wearing eye patches and earplugs are good for sleep.

Step 2 Get more sun

People can contact outdoor light during the day, which can promote the biological clock to keep up with seasonal changes as soon as possible.

Close to the window when working, and it is also good to go out for a walk around lunch.

Step 3: Eat less

People often say that it makes sense to be sleepy when you are full. Too much food will increase drowsiness, so the third suggestion is three words: less, eat and eat!

Do you want something else? Like melatonin?

In fact, the safety and effectiveness of melatonin health products have not been fully understood, and buying and eating them casually will also have adverse effects on the body.

Therefore, please ask your doctor before you want to eat melatonin health products, and do not blindly buy them.

Step 4 Take a nap

Not enough charging time at night? Nap is an excellent supplement.

But don’t sleep too long, 10 to 20 minutes is enough, you will still be sleepy if you sleep too long.

Step 5 Drop your cell phone

In order to have a good sleep at night, one should be less exposed to light, and using electronic devices such as mobile phones before going to bed will seriously interfere with the biological clock.

Don’t use mobile phones, e-books and other devices when you sleep, which may be the most important way to ensure sleep.