These 10 things make his [tadpole] faster and stronger.

[The era of two children] has come. Are you ready to fight and try?

Women are not the only ones who want to give birth to a healthy baby. Male compatriots, welfare has come. Do the following 10 things well to make your [tadpole] faster and stronger.

Step 1: Eat well

Testicular sperm production also needs nutrition. If vitamin C and zinc are insufficient in the body, sperm activity will be affected. Vitamin E is also related to sperm production.

Eat well and eat a balanced diet to meet the daily needs of a variety of vitamins and minerals. Eat more fruits and vegetables and high-quality protein, eat less high-oil and high-sugar food, oneself healthy, the baby will be healthy.

Step 2: Quit smoking and drinking

Alcohol can reduce sperm motility and reduce the number of healthy sperm. Smoking will not only increase the rate of sperm malformation, but also harm men’s reproductive ability.

What’s more, when you smoke at home, your wife still has to smoke passively, which is very harmful to unborn children.

Being a responsible father starts with quitting smoking and drinking.

Step 3 Stay away from harmful substances

Long-term exposure to chemical harmful substances and radiation may lead to sperm mutation and increase the risk of malformation.

Therefore, during pregnancy preparation, it is best not to decorate, and try to avoid contact with pesticides, pesticides, lead and radiation (mainly referring to ionizing radiation, such as X-ray radiographs and CT machines; Don’t worry about non-ionizing radiation such as microwave ovens).

Step 4 Use drugs carefully

Some drugs can affect the number and activity of sperm and even lead to infertility.

If you need drugs, you can tell your doctor your pregnancy preparation plan and choose drugs that have little effect on sperm.

Moreover, it is especially important to note that some Chinese herbal medicines look harmless, but they are also potential [sperm killers], such as the famous Tripterygium wilfordii.

5. Wear less tight pants and stay away from saunas and hot springs.

Testis are very sensitive to temperature. Its favorite temperature is 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than normal body temperature. Only at this temperature can sperm maintain their best state.

The temperature of the high-temperature water vapor in the sauna room can even reach 70 ~ 80 ℃, and the temperature of the testis will also rise accordingly. Without the best working environment, it is natural that high-quality sperm cannot be produced, and even dead sperm will be caused.

The same is true of electric blankets and tight pants. Long-term use of electric blankets and wearing tight pants may cause the temperature of men’s testicles to rise, resulting in a decrease in sperm count.

Therefore, during pregnancy preparation, it is recommended that male compatriots wear loose and breathable underpants, do not wear tight jeans, stay away from sauna hot springs, and do not sleep with an electric blanket on.

STEP 6 Relieve Stress

Many men are under great pressure at work and their lives are irregular. It is common for them to stay up late or even reverse day and night. Over time, it is easy to lead to endocrine system dysfunction and sperm quality will naturally be affected.

Learning to relax, exercise, do what you like and chat with your other half is good.

7. Ride less bicycles

Don’t worry about riding a bicycle occasionally, but if you need to ride a bicycle for a long time every day and want children, you need to pay attention.

Some studies have pointed out that cycling for a long time will cause congestion in pelvic cavity and prostate due to compression. Blood flows slowly or even stasis in these parts, weakening resistance to pathogens, easily inducing prostatitis, and further affecting sperm motility.

During pregnancy preparation, if you want to ride a bicycle, try to shorten the time, pay attention to the riding posture, and choose a seat that supports the buttocks better (for example, the part behind the seat that supports the buttocks should be wide enough).

Step 8 Maintain a Healthy Weight

Both overweight and underweight men may face the problem of poor sperm quality.

Overweight may lead to endocrine disorders and increase the risks of hypertension and hyperglycemia, which will harm fragile sperm. However, for underweight men, the number and quality of sperm may also be lower than normal.

Step 9 Exercise Moderately

Excessive exercise is not good either. Excessive exercise reduces testosterone levels in the body, thus affecting reproductive function and indirectly reducing sperm count.

In addition, fitness enthusiasts need to be reminded to stay away from steroid drugs (which are said to increase muscle strength). Steroid drugs may cause testicular atrophy and lead to infertility.

10. Pre-pregnancy physical examination is very important!

Some diseases may affect pregnancy, such as varicocele and prostatitis. In addition, some sexually transmitted diseases may also lead to male infertility.

Therefore, before preparing to have a baby, it is recommended that both husband and wife have a comprehensive physical examination, including infectious disease screening, venereal disease examination, chronic disease examination, virus antibody examination, etc. If problems are found, they should be treated as soon as possible.