These 4 kinds of health care products are not healthy, don’t buy them as gifts.

Health care products have always been very popular, and Dr. Clove knows.

But when I saw such a problem today, I was still a little surprised:

Can you eat different health care products every day?

It turns out that more and more people no longer hesitate to buy or not to buy, but directly begin to worry about whether eating every day will be a problem of “mutual restraint”…

It turns out that health care products have become so popular that they are necessary at home.

Regardless of the fact that the statement of “Xiangke” is unreliable in itself, more importantly, are those so-called health care products really [health care]? Is it worth buying? Is it necessary to eat every day?

Colla Corii Asini?

I have always felt that donkey-hide gelatin looks a bit like hawthorn cake and a bit like meat skin jelly.

But I didn’t expect that its segment was so high that it could enrich blood, stop bleeding, beautify skin, prevent miscarriage, resist fatigue and cancer…

In fact, donkey-hide gelatin is just [boiled donkey skin].

The main component of donkey skin is collagen, which becomes partially hydrolyzed and purified collagen after boiling.

Unfortunately, this protein contains a large amount of non-essential amino acids, and lacks tryptophan, which is necessary for human body, and cannot meet the demand of human body for amino acids. It is not a good source of protein.

This is like falling in love. What you can give is what the other party does not need. What else do you talk about?

Tips from Dr. Clove

    Non-essential amino acids: the human body can synthesize itself and do not necessarily need to be ingested from food; Essential amino acids: They only exist in food and cannot be synthesized by human body. They can only be ingested from food.

What is more regrettable is that similar collagen can be obtained from boiled pig skin, sheep skin or cowhide, and donkey skin is nothing special. Moreover, in most countries, this protein is only used as an additive in the food industry. How can it become a treasure here?


The first thing Dr. Clove wants to say is that if you like to drink honey, then drink it and have no objection.

It is not a bad thing in what, but it must be said that it can beautify face, lose weight and detoxify. Honey is a little emotional.

In fact, honey contains relatively few vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Most studies have confirmed that its effect is similar to that of placebo, and it is not beneficial to health, let alone [therapeutic] effect.

Moreover, more than 80% of honey is sugar, and [high calorie and single nutrition] is the most real honey.

Bird’s nest?

Bird’s nest, in short, is a nest built by a bird called Jin Siyan.

Legend has it that it is a holy product rich in nutrition and nourishing yin.

To put it bluntly, it is swallow’s saliva… liquid… mixed with marine fish, algae, velvet feathers, dung… stools… branches, etc.

Further, there is a kind of [sialic acid] (also called [bird’s nest acid]) in bird’s nest, which is considered as [the most valuable nutrition in bird’s nest]. However, this sialic acid has only been shown to be beneficial in some animal experiments. Is it different from animals?

In addition, bird’s nest does contain up to 49.8% protein, but it does not cover all kinds of essential amino acids needed by human body.

In terms of nutritional value, it is far less than an egg.

Eggs are cheap.

Barley Ruoye Green Juice?

It’s really white blind such a small and fresh name… … …

If barley leaves green juice is actually mixed with grass into pulp, ground into powder, soaked in water to make green juice.

There are too many legends about it, as if it were a “universal health product”.

1. It is [magic alkaline food], can improve [bad acidic constitution]?


[Acid and alkali constitution] itself is a false proposition.

Human blood is indeed weakly alkaline, but the little product in food metabolism will not affect the acidity and alkalinity of blood at all.

2. It can help [defecate]?


Dr. Clove has said on more than one occasion that the word “constipation” was coined by merchants, and there is no such statement in modern medicine.

Secondly, a pack of green juice powder contains 1.24 g of dietary fiber, and adults recommend 25 g of dietary fiber every day. Do you really have magical effects if you drink one or two packs a day?

There are also what detoxification, beauty care, weight loss, liver protection, acne removal…

Dr. Clove sincerely suggested that since you love yourself so much, you should eat more fresh vegetables.

I have to say that things with special mystery are always inexplicably attractive.

This is like a girl with a black veil coming towards her. We always fantasize and are willing to believe that behind the veil, there must be a peerless face. But in fact, she has refused to take off the veil, probably because of ugliness.

The same is true of health care products.